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Legend of Zelda – A Link Between Worlds: Post-Script.

While I have enjoyed The Legend of Zelda since the initial NES game, I will admit that the last game in the series I truly “loved” was The Ocarina of Time. It captured everything in the series that I liked, and was the closest that Link’s adventures every got to what was in my mind.

It’s funny how we interpret art. The original Zelda was a pleasant collection of pixels with an unforgettable soundtrack. But to me, the land of Hyrule looked just like the illustrations in the instruction manual when I played:

I had always hoped that a Zelda game would come along with this graphical style, and while Wind Waker is an attractive game, Link’s goofy facial expressions in that title never came close.

And then A Link Between Worlds came out, and that title is the closest to realizing that visual style.

It’s not subtle in comparison. Link sports a larger “big ’80’s” style harido as he did in the NES games. The enemies share that ’80’s style look. Even the burly, bearded merchant looks like the one from the manual. Nintendo frequently mines for nostalgia, and in this case, they hit the jackpot,

The retro illustrated Read the rest of this entry

Catching Up.

Whew! I’m still here, believe it or not. Truth is, I’ve been swamped with “real world” writing for nearly two months now, and free time for recreational writing has been low. But I’m trying to fix that, so here I am. I also need to delete the spam my comments section got railed with. Do people really think that form of advertising works?

I missed all of the E3 commentary. That’s not to say that I didn’t pay attention. After the show, I think my next system of choice will be a Playstation 4. Some things simply don’t sit well with me after Microsoft’s show, even with the 180 they did after being blasted by every gaming publication and critic for their “It’s our way or up yours” attitude. It’s a little frustrating as I’ve really enjoyed the quality of games on the 360. I just can’t support them this time, especially with Microsoft being so buddy-buddy with the NSA, which I don’t agree with, nor do I agree with the “always on” Kinect that swears that it’s only listening for you to say “Kinect On”.

But it’s still listening to Read the rest of this entry

2 Years of the 3DS.

It’s hard to believe that it’s been two years since the North American release of the 3DS. I could go on and retouch on the history of the device, the initial drought of games, the price drop, etc., but that’s all be covered before.

What I would like to focus on is Year 1 to Year 2, the changes that have come with the 3DS, and my overall thoughts on the system.

Everyone has their own ideas and opinions on how one of their favorite companies should be run. Whether it’s games released, critiques on decisions made, or just an overall attitude. It’s part of being a fan (or fanboy). For me, the 3DS represents everything I love about Nintendo the company. There’s a real sense of fun around the system that I felt the Wii was lacking. The Wii’s attitude was to tell you have much fun you are having and the numerous smiles it will put on your face. You can’t tell someone how to be happy. You have to find ways to make it happen.

The 3DS focuses on a few things that create those happy smiles: The resurrection of beloved titles Read the rest of this entry

New Super Mario Bros. 2: Post-Script.

I finally caved and got New Super Mario Bros. 2 for the 3DS a few weeks back. I had so many other games on my plate that this game took a backseat, which is surprising because I’m usually right on board for a Mario game. Especially a 2D one.

But there’s something… hard to describe in regards to my feelings on the New Super Mario Bros. series. I liked the DS one as “old was new” and it was the first real Mario side-scroller since Super Mario World.

The Wii one was alright, and I’ll admit I was excited for the novelty of four players at once, though I REALLY wanted this for the character selection:

Nintendo makes a fortune off of nostalgia and “tried and true”. I’ll never understand the yellow and blue Toad thing.

And the Wii U game is certainly very colorful and pretty, but since the initial “wow” factor of the original game, and ultimately culminating with the 3DS title, I’ve reached one conclusion:

The New Super Mario Bros. series are my least favorite adventures of the famed Italian plumber.

Don’t get me wrong: The game is fun, and it plays heavily off of Super Mario Bros. 3 nostalgia Read the rest of this entry

Gunman Clive: Post-Script.

After a brief hiatus from my 3DS and gaming at large, I decided to pick up my portable console once more.

To be honest, the eShop has been a little hit and miss more me of late. The great rush of 3D exclusive and original games that hit the system a year or so back seemed to be replaced with simultaneous releases of retail dominated titles that could be bought in the store or downloaded, and the Virtual Console seemed to be more NES driven than any other platform. Where was the Pinball FX DLC, or even clever titles like VVVVVV or Mighty Switch Force? For all I know, they were there, but just buried under the lack of any discernible search engine the eShop still lacks.

Grousing aside, I got turned on to Gunman Clive via Swapnote conversations. Being out of the loop, I hadn’t paid attention. And being only two dollars, I was skeptical. Most good eShop titles usually run $6-10, and I didn’t want some cheap cash-in. So I watched the video.

And was hooked from then on.

Gunman Clive, as some have noted, feels very much like a Mega Man title, minus some of Read the rest of this entry

Epic Mickey: Power of Illusion: Post-Script.

2012 has been the year of sequels that I thought would never happen.

First Kid Icarus: Uprising, and now, Epic Mickey: Power of Illusion, which is a direct sequel to Sega’s Castle of Illusion Starring Mickey Mouse. While Kid Icarus was a whole new experience, Epic Mickey stays very much true to its 2D side-scrolling roots, with a bit of its modern namesake thrown in.

The nods to the original games are strong: The jumping/bonking sound effects, the little mushroom enemies, certain animations, the cheery music from the original game’s first level…. The developers were fans of the 1990 classic, and it shows. This game took me back to a much younger age, happy with my Genesis.

That’s not to say that it plays exactly like Castle of Illusion. There’s some Epic Mickey influence as well, most notably the magical paintbrush with its ability to create and destroy the environment. It’s not as heavy as in the console Epic Mickey games, but what it does is clever and well used. But basic drawing talent is needed in order to make properly functioning items. At least there’s no time limit or enemies attacking you while you’re trying Read the rest of this entry

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