Well, here I am. The 200th post.

I’d like to welcome my new reader, 8-Bit City. It’s always good to keep building up the readership and connections.

A lot has happened since my debut back in 2006. I did this as a hobby blog, and by and large, it still is. The only difference now is that I actually have some feedback.

For those who have read my blog, or are new to my page, this has been more of a personal journey of gaming. From current industry trends, to my actual time working in the industry, to sharing some lesser known classics, to just my current gaming habits of the time, it’s been an interesting journey.

I’ve been gaming for more than 30 years, which in context, is absolutely eerie and sobering, when I think about it. Obviously, I’ve seen my fair share of changes in the hobby, and I thought I’d share with all of you some of my favorite moments.

Working in the industry – It was definitely a high point in my gaming (and professional) life when I worked at Midway and a few smaller companies off and on for a decade. I was at Read the rest of this entry