Happy post-Thanksgiving, all!

With a stomach full of food and a controller full of games, I thought it would be as good of a time as any to touch upon one of my favorite (if woefully underrepresented) aspects of the last few Nintendo consoles: The Virtual Console.

When the Wii debuted in the Winter of 2006, people flocked to the novelty of motion control as represented by Wii Sports. Being a more traditional gamer, I was interested in the Mario, Zelda, Metroid, Smash Bros. fare, but the real draw for me was that this was the first Nintendo system that would really explore online. Sure, the Gamecube flirted with the notion, but for Nintendo, entering the online age was like 1995 all over again.

The concept of online play was fine, but the concept of a Virtual Console was appealing. And it started out with strong representation:

Super NES
Nintendo 64
Sega Genesis

The latter choices were unprecedented: Genesis and T-16 games on a Nintendo console? I absolutely took the bait. I understand the purpose of emulation to preserve games that fall into obscurity and public domain and may never be seen again outside of preservationists, but I wanted to “vote with my Read the rest of this entry