Last year, I posted an article about the characters that I would like to see in Disney Infinity.

Overall, I didn’t do too bad.

Results (so far):
Characters: Stitch, Aladdin, Maleficent
Vehicles: Light Cycles
Buildings: Haunted Mansion, Space Mountain
Locations: Agrabah

So, not too bad, all things considered. Obviously, what didn’t make the list will be transferred over into next year status, and to diversify, I’ll be adding Marvel into the mix since it is now “official”. “BONUS” characters are now free to add as “Top 10” inclusion.

Last year’s remainder: Scrooge McDuck, Tron, Beast, Oswald the Lucky Rabbit, Kermit the Frog, Darkwing Duck, V.I.N.C.E.N.T.

1.) Captain EO – Based off the Lucas short film at the Disney Theme Parks, a rainbow shirt wearing, moonwalking, hand laser shooting space hero is exactly what the third iteration of the game needs, especially when tied into the presumed sci-fi heavy theme of next year.
2.) Mulan – A “Disney Princess” choice, Mulan is one of the more “butt kicking” female characters of the group, able to use weapons, and fend off entire legions of Huns.
3.) Figment – This theme park character from Journey Into Imagination signifies what Disney Infinity is all about: Imagination. There could be a number of abilities that this character could use an unlimited number of abilities (I also have a soft spot for anything EPCOT related).
4.) Goliath – Another Disney Afternoon alumni, Goliath from Gargoyles could offer up flight, strength, and wall climbing abilities.
5.) Chip (Rescue Rangers version) Chip ‘N’ Dale are a little tricky, as this could easily veer into the “palette/skin swap” of the Toy Story and Pirates characters. I think the abilities from the NES games could be applied here where Chip could hide sneak around in objects….
6.) Dale (Rescue Rangers version)…. and Dale could pick up and throw items. Obviously, they would need more character efinement than this, but they don’t need to be the same character abilities.
7.) Dr. Facilier – The game simply needs more bad guys. After watching Princess and the Frog again, recently, Facilier’s shadow demons and voodoo abilities just seemed perfect for use as a game character.
8.) Horned King – Easily one of Disney’s scariest animated villains from The Black Cauldron, The Horned King could pull up all sort of “cauldron born” skeletons to do his bidding.
9.) Simba – Disney Infinity needs to add the inclusion of animal characters, and Simba has done the video game thing before from his SNES/Genesis days and Kingdom Hearts 2.
10.) Miss Piggy – If I’m going to add Kermit from last time, it makes sense to add Miss Piggy. Besides, her karate chopping skills and diva temper would make short work of large hordes of enemies.

BONUS: Oogie Boogie – Again, I am a softie for Nightmare Before Christmas, and he can throw dice around and dance all he wants. I’m in for this character.

For Marvel, I’ll simply do five characters:

1.) Wolverine – I could go on and on about the number of X-Men I’d want (the original five, Gambit, Rouge, Storm, Nightcrawler, etc.) but Wolverine is the de facto face of the X-Men these days, and his strength and healing abilities would be fun additions.
2.) Dr. Doom – Perhaps one of the mightiest Marvel villains, Doom needs to be present since he is a menace to practically every Marvel Hero as it presently stands.
3.) Deadpool – Another fan favorite, he’s another character that’s both funny, and could have a number of unpredictable abilities. As for people fearing that he may not be “Disney friendly”, he had an entire episode in Ultimate Spider-Man, so well, there’s that argument debunked.
4.) Thing – The Fantastic Four needs representation, and who better than the ever-lovin’ blue-eyed Thing? Another “power” character, but a fun personality all the same.
5.) Thanos – He is becoming a major player in the Marvel Cinematic Universe, and I figure that it’s only a matter of time before he joins the roster. Wielding the Infinity Gauntlet, Thanos could cause all sorts of destruction as he bends reality (or a Toy Box) to his will.

Last year’s remainder: Disneyland/Walt Disney World Monorail, The Nautilus, Starspeeder 3000, Doombuggy, Benny the Cab, Thunderquack, Ranger Plane, Elliot (Electrical Main Street Parade version), X-2 Deep Space Shuttle

1.) Time Rover – From the Dinosaur ride at Animal Kingdom. Even if it doesn’t travel through time, music and dialogue would make the experience that much more gratifying.
2.) Herbie the Love Bug – How could I possibly forget this one last time? “53” is long overdue for some representation.
3.) Disney Parks Bus – Whether the purple and yellow bus that drives guests around the resorts, or the Magical Express that takes guests from the Orlando airport, if I’ve ever going to build a proper theme park Toy Box, this is another essential vehicle to complete the experience.
4.) Lilly Belle Locomotive – The classic train from the Disneyland Parks. If Lone Ranger can introduce trains into the vehicle mix, then here is another excellent choice.
5.) Antie – Mounts are another part of the vehicle experience in Disney Infinity, so why not the “giant” ant from Honey I Shrunk The Kids?
6.) Teacup – from the Alice in Wonderland ride – Perhaps slightly unpredictable as you bounce from place to place around the Toy Box.
7.) Pegasus – Again, on the subject of mounts, Hecule’s flying pet could both gallop and fly (and represent the to-date under-used series.
8.) X-Men Blackbird – While I don’t think they will be able to use the SR-71 model due to licensing issues, I’m sure some iteration of the classic jet could make its way into Infinity (comics version, of course).
9.) Fantasti-Car – I noticed that Darkwing Duck’s “Ratcatcher” motorcycle can carry more than one character, so the Fantastic Four’s famous means of transportation would be a fun ride.
10.) Ghost Rider’s Motorcycle – Now that motorcycles are in, I’d love to see the flame trails erupt of the wheels of this vehicle (For fun, I’d probably put Jack Skellington in the driver’s seat).

BONUS: Solar Sailer – I love my Tron pieces. I want to keep building onto that world.

Last year’s remainder: The Enchanted Tiki Room, The Tree of Life, Cottage of the Seven Dwarfs, Bald Mountain, King Triton’s Castle, I/O Tower, Hollywood Tower, “Partners”

1.) Splash Mountain – One thing I liked about the Matterhorn mountain was that you could briefly “ride” through it. I think this is another ride that could definitely benefit from the same type of feature.
2.) Castle of Illusion – From the classic Sega Genesis game and Epic Mickey: Power of Illusion for the 3DS, Infinity can go a little obscure at times, so I am hoping that this will be another one of those instances. If it brought out the related music, I’d probably fanboy out right there.
3.) MCP – I want a big spinning tower with that creepy red faced Master Control Program watching everything that I do in the Toy Box.
4.) Oogie Boogie’s Treehouse – another Nightmare representation, because there will simply never be enough Nightmare representation.
5.) Pooh’s House – Fun for forest adventure’s a trip to “Mr. Sanders” house.
6.) Muppet Theater – This would be even better if it had some crazy “touch” feature like the Cars buildings did.
7.) Swiss Family Robinson Treehouse – This would have to be another “interaction” building like the Matterhorn. I would want to climb and explore this piece.

Last year’s remainder: Disney Afternoon, Prydain, Neverland, Toontown, Treasure Planet, 100 Acre Wood, Muppet Theater (interior), Hercules, Wasteland, Mary Poppin’s London

1.) New Orleans BayouFrom Princess and the Frog. If they filled the area with fireflies and Ray’s Zydeco music, I’d likely make this one of my favorite terrains.
2.) Cygnus – From the Black Hole, exploring the deck environment with all of those creepy crew members and that amazing musical score would again pull out of the obscure files.
3.) The Game Grid – We have Tron Legacy’s version of the Grid, so how about the colorful version from the 1982 film. Bonus points for the Wendy Carlos score.
4.) Tarzan’s Jungle – Honestly, I don’t even know if this one is possible, as all references to Tarzan were carefully omitted out of any related material, but it would make for an interesting, more natural backdrop.
5.) Cave of Wonders – If they are going to bring Aladdin elements into the equation, then this is another area that I would love to create and explore in.

Certainly there’s more that can be added over time, but there are most definitely options to work with, and the selection of content could take days of brainstorming to fit everything in there. Swimming and boat mechanics, for example, would be an entirely other matter….

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