As the end of the year draws ever closer, and Super Smash Bros. Wii U/3DS draws closer, we’re starting to see the end of the character roster. Yesterday’s update was extremely Fire Emblem heavy (what, no love for Golden Sun or Xenoblade?), and last month’s Pac-Man announcement (especially classic arcade Pac-Man, no less) made me giddy with prime geekery glee), but we all have our ideas on who we would like to see, and I’m no different.

I start this by saying my list is no less right and wrong than anyone else’s. I do have my “dream” contenders I’d like to see. But I’m also going to try and approach it more realistically. That means I won’t be asking for the inclusion of several hundreds of characters worth of Pokemon, on Naruto, or Dragon Ball Z, or Shrek(?), or various household items. I think people forget what Super Smash Bros. ultimately is: It’s a love letter to video games. It’s also a playable history of the medium, and of course it’s going to be Nintendo-centric. The third-party characters they have previously chosen, have all made sense to the context of Nintendo: The NES introduced Mega Man and Snake (to Americans, anyway). Soic was a long-time Nintendo rival during “The Great Console Wars”, and Pac-Man made his appearance on practically every Nintendo system to date, as well as being prominent in the Nintendo developed Gamecube exclusive Pac-Man Vs. and Mario Kart arcade games.

I expect there will be some disagreement with my list, but again, we all have our “wishlists”, and this one is mine:

1.) King Hippo (Punch-Out!!) – I had hopes that Punch-Out!! would eventually be represented in Smash Bros., and that finally came true in the form of Little Mac. Clearly a heavyweight character, I could see him having terrible jumping power, but high defense and strength, basically making him a “tank” character. Also, there’s the matter of having more playable “bad guy” characters in the game.

2.) Nester (Nintendo Power) – Sakurai has been very good about representing Nintendo history in the series with characters such as Mr. Game & Watch and R.O.B. – Nester isn’t completely out of left field. He did actually star in his own game called Nester’s Funky Bowling for the Virtual Boy, and a few vague nods in games such as Pilotwings 64, and Dragon Warrior. Nester could use anything from bowling balls to bow ties (from the Howard & Nester comics) in the game. There was even an April Fool’s joke this year where he was announced as a playable character. The only foreseeable problem, however, is that he is such an American-centric character that his importance may be lost, and moreso on younger gamers. “One day” however….

3.) Mike Jones (StarTropics) – Another NES-era adventure game, Mike made good on his Yo-Yo (or Island Star) slinging adventures located on a tropical island.

4.) King K. Rool (Donkey Kong Country) – Again, we need more “bad guys” in the games, and Donkey Kong’s family doesn’t have that much representation where it would feel like “franchise overkill”.

5.) Shulk (Xenoblade) – One of the infamous “Operation Rainfall Trilogy” titles, the critically acclaimed RPG that took a small army to bring it over to the United States would make for another excellent addition. The setting and item possibilities alone (and impending Wii U sequel) would make for an exciting sci-fi addition to the series.

6.) Medusa (Kid Icarus) – I told you I wanted “bad guys”. Yes, Metroid‘s Ridley has been an oft-requested addition, but Sakurai also worked on Kid Icarus: Uprising. I want her to summon enemies, turn people to stone, and have in-game chatter with Pit and Palutena. I also want her Final Smash to be that massive one-eyed Gorgon head to traumatize other players.

These next four are my third-party additions to the game.

7.) Simon Belmont (Castlevania) – Of any other third-party character not in the game, this is the one inclusion that deserves a spot. Castlevania has been a long-running mainstay of Nintendo’s platforms, and having a classic barbarian style Simon Belmont whipping the other characters while throwing boomerangs and holy water in a Gothic castle themed environment with all the series’ popular annoyances… er, challenges, just makes sense. Besides, with Mega Man and Pit, I want to complete my Captain N: The Game Master triad in the game and call it a day.

8.) Sub-Zero (Mortal Kombat) – And now we get into the what I like to call the “wildcard” choices. Mortal Kombat has… had *sigh* been another long-running staple on Nintendo systems since the Super Nintendo days, and even though Midway is gone, and Warner Bros. seems to be slowly abandoning Nintendo as well, there’s a few points that could warrant his inclusion: His ice powers would be fun with all of the sliding, and ice clones and ice balls, there’s already been another M-rated character in the past with Snake’s inclusion, and Sub-Zero’s violence has already been “nerfed” in the past on the family friendly(?) version of Mortal Kombat for the SNES. Blood was replaced with sweat, and it would almost be a sly wink at this point to briefly return him to those roots. Plus, it’s undeniable that he’s become a gaming icon. NOTE: I would have said Ryu from Street Fighter II, but Capcom added Mega Man already, and I think the Blue Bomber is more deserving for his day in the sun.

9.) Shovel Knight (Shovel Knight) – This could be argued that he’s simply far too recent to be considered for inclusion, but his (basically exclusive, excluding Steam) game is already such a well designed NES “could have been” game, complete with his powers and abilities… would it really be that much of stretch to imagine him next to Samus and Wario? The game already covers all eras of Nintendo (as evidenced by Wii Fit Trainer), and he’s easily one of the most original and likable characters to come from the 3DS/Wii U era.

10.) Wreck-It Ralph (Wreck-It Ralph) – My wildest choice by far, considering he comes from a Disney animated film, but hear me out: The character was designed as a classic arcade icon, and his entire adventure focused on two things: Interacting with other classic gaming icons like Q*Bert, Bowser, Sonic, and Pac-Man (sound familiar?), and the fact that he game jumps to other video game worlds. Often, in fact, in both the movie and real-life. He’s already done it for Sonic All-Stars Racing Transformed and Disney Infinity, and even if his movie based games weren’t all that great, they were Nintendo exclusive titles. I think Disney should have ran more with that idea of multi-game inclusion, and hope they will in the future.

I was torn about also choosing Ryu Hayabusa from Ninja Gaiden, as he would be another “earned” choice. The same as Hudson’s Bomberman… but it’s uncertain what that character’s fate is at this point.

So there they are: My 10 choices for who I’d like to see added to Super Smash Bros., whether it is this game, or a sequel. Feel free to discuss in the comments what you like, don’t like, as well as your own personal favorites.

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