A few weeks back, the first trailer for Disney Infinity 2.0 came out, and as you guess, it’s all (mostly) about Marvel.

I say mostly, because three Disney characters were snuck into the preview: Stitch, Maleficent, and Merida. Also, eagle eyed viewers may have also noticed Buzz Lightyear driving Madame Medusa’s “Swampmobile” from The Rescuers. The “vintage” stuff is coming, and will hopefully have a larger role than in the previous game.

The appearance of Captain America and the other Avengers didn’t come as a surprise. Nor did Loki, for that matter, as he was the main antagonist of the blockbusters smash two years back. For that matter, seeing Rocket Raccoon and Groot (perhaps as one character?) didn’t surprise me either, as Guardians of the Galaxy is due soon, and if Infinity is really going to be the new replacement for movie tie-in games as Disney has claimed, then it makes sense. However, seeing M.O.D.O.K., Green Goblin, and Spider-Man(!) in the trailer were very nice surprises. Disney claims that 18 Marvel characters will make their debut in this new game, and we’ve potentially seen 12-13 of these new reveals. Personally, I would like to see some X-Men and Fantastic Four representation, and more villains like Doom or Spidey’s extensive rogue’s gallery.

Power Discs will make a return (said to be 80 this time out), meaning more vehicles and backgrounds, team ups (support characters), and costume changes. All of which sounds very interesting. Disney has already confirmed that the previous discs and characters from Part 1 will be comparable with the new game, and vice versa. Thor needs some Electric Mayhem Bus, and this will eventually happen.

The characters themselves will get some boosts, now with a level cap of 20 instead of 15, and skill trees with expanding attributes. Again, this also goes for the previous characters, expanding their reusability and playability. Again, nice to see Disney take fan requests seriously.

Toy Box will also get an upgrade. I found Toy Box to be very fun in the first game, especially with all the attempts to cover so many game genres. And a lot of it worked very, very well. But once you built the world, and ran the limited challenges and goals available, that was it. You completed a task with no fanfare (unless you placed a fireworks trigger at the end, and that was it). Again, Disney is promising more complete built game experiences, in addition to a Tower Defense game, and a Dungeon Crawler with randomly generated environments. Other addressed issues are having little builder characters create landscapes, and a paintbrush mode to easier lay down parts. Also, buildings will have actual interiors to lay out specialized home and base style environments.

All of this sounds great, and will only further my interest in the game. There are still however, some lingering questions:

* Very little has been mentioned about the “Disney” roster yet, outside of a few “blink and you’ll miss them” cameos. I am still holding out for Scrooge McDuck, Tron, Oswald the Lucky Rabbit, and Kermit the Frog. For that matter, since “super heroes” is the big theme this time out, Darkwing Duck just seems like he should be a given for timing. E3 will undoubtedly put fan fears at ease that this is all Marvel inclusive (forgetting that Marvel IS Disney now), and thankfully they have exhausted the majority of Pixar characters in the first game.

* I’ve not seen anything if we get to transfer our unlocked Toy Box parts from the first game. I think it would only expand the building options, and frankly, I don’t want to lose my Haunted Mansion, Spaceship Earth, or Scrooge’s Money Bin pieces.

* Hopefully, they will have more playsets this time out. Wreck-It Ralph and Frozen should have had their own playsets. Depending on what they release this time, there needs to be more world representation with more diversity in gameplay. Pirates of the Caribbean and Lone Ranger were the two best sets of the previous game, and I would like to see more examples like that.

* I hope the quality control is tighter for the figures. What should have been a showcase set, the Toy Story in Space pack had the worst paint jobs of all the characters released. It wasn’t just my pack. It was every pack at every store that I’ve seen.

* I am also hoping they stop the “store exclusives”. The Wal-Mart/Best Buy/Target/Gamestop/Amazon “timed release” program was an exercise in frustration and gas money, taking the fun out of simply collecting the figures, especially when dealing in a situation where inept store employees had no idea what you were talking about.

* It goes without saying that Disney Infinty 3.0 will be likely and primarily Star Wars led. Folk out those wallets, folks. This is going to hurt.

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