Let’s face it: NES Remix is simply the “9-Volt” section of WarioWare, down to the “Dah Dah DAH!” musical ditty that precedes each challenge.

And overall, that’s okay.

The game is a collection of the first run of the NES titles that came out when the system debuted (minus the light gun games, robot games, Popeye, 10 Yard Fight, Mach Rider, and Donkey Kong Jr. Math). This is simultaneously a good and bad thing, as there are some genuine classics to be found… and a few duds that Nintendo can’t seem to let go of.

Yet for what what the game is trying to accomplish, those “duds” also make up a part of the overall experience: Barring licensing and accessory issues, this is how the NES began its rise to fame.

With 16 games in the collection, there really is something for everyone, from sports, to arcade, to adventure. And each title looks, sounds and controls exactly like the original game, which makes it a perfect “All in one” title instead of purchasing each game outright. Classics like Legend of Zelda and Super Mario Bros., remain undisputed, but so do titles like Balloon Fight and Excitebike. The arcade classics, however limited in comparison to their original counterparts, remain fun. Ice Climbers still handles like a lead weight, and Urban Champion…. Someone at Nintendo must REALLY love that game.

The first few challenges for each game are very elementary, and to be honest, there is a feeling of “I KNOW this already” for the first few challenges. But I have to take a step back and remind myself that while I grew up with these games in the 1980’s, a lot of today’s gamers weren’t even BORN during that decade. Those who have grown up on FPS-style games may find the game concepts a little alien to them.

But the game does throw off the kid gloves for each title in a series of progressively challenging objectives. And some of them are quite tricky, especially when looking to get the best score of get the “Rainbow Stars” for completing a challenge quickly. So yes, there is a real challenge there as time goes on.

Then there’s the “Remix” section, which gets weird. Challenges range from an ice skating or constantly running Mario, screens pulling back and multiplying in Mario Bros., a “Dark Mode” for Excitebike, or Link trying to rescue Pauline in Donkey Kong. And that’s just a fraction of the bizarre tasks that you’re asked to do for best times, best scores, and Stamps.

Stamps are included with the game, and as you go up a level, you earn a new stamp, that can be added to your MiiVerse posts. They’re actually fun to get creative with, and after you earn a few, you can start creating a NES version of Super Smash Bros. if you want.

And that’s the thing about NES Remix: From an initial perspective, the game doesn’t seem that deep. But once you get into it, and start opening things up, it gets challenging, crazy, and addictive.

The game calls out for a sequel, or at the very least, some downloadable content. Not including games like Kid Icarus, Metroid, Punch-Out!!, Kirby, Pro Wresting, or StarTropics seem more like unfortunate omissions, especially when compared to games like Golf. Or maybe this could be come a series with SNES Remix, N64 Remix, Gamecube Remix, and so on. There’s a lot of potential to be tapped.

NES Remix is a little pricey at $15, but an utter bargain to the $80 you would have to pay for each of these games on the Virtual Console. It’s fun, it’s weird, it smacks of WarioWare, and that’s okay. The Wii U needs more downloadable content like this.

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