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NES Remix: Post-Script.

Let’s face it: NES Remix is simply the “9-Volt” section of WarioWare, down to the “Dah Dah DAH!” musical ditty that precedes each challenge.

And overall, that’s okay.

The game is a collection of the first run of the NES titles that came out when the system debuted (minus the light gun games, robot games, Popeye, 10 Yard Fight, Mach Rider, and Donkey Kong Jr. Math). This is simultaneously a good and bad thing, as there are some genuine classics to be found… and a few duds that Nintendo can’t seem to let go of.

Yet for what what the game is trying to accomplish, those “duds” also make up a part of the overall experience: Barring licensing and accessory issues, this is how the NES began its rise to fame.

With 16 games in the collection, there really is something for everyone, from sports, to arcade, to adventure. And each title looks, sounds and controls exactly like the original game, which makes it a perfect “All in one” title instead of purchasing each game outright. Classics like Legend of Zelda and Super Mario Bros., remain undisputed, but so do titles like Balloon Fight and Excitebike. The arcade classics, Read the rest of this entry

2013 Games in Review.

I know, already: My writing on here has been sporadic.

Being a freelancer, it is either a period of “Feast or Famine”, and I’ve feasted well since October with work-related writing. When I do have free time to write, you can probably imagine that the last thing I want to do is more writing. Even if it is a subject I enjoy writing about.

But free time has come to me, and now I actually can write about the things I enjoy. I also got a Wii U for Christmas, so I’ve had time to set up some sessions where I can actually, you know, play. Not to mention transfer all my downloaded Wii games over. My NNID is “GuyCC75”, if you want to add me.

Regardless, I did have a chance to play some great games for 2013, so I’ll touch on a few of them here as my “Must Plays” for the year.

1.) Super Mario 3D World (Wii U) – Already out of the box, the latest Mario highlights some of the most iconic moments of several previous titles, making it a “Best Of” version. I loved the 3DS version, and sticking Mario, Luigi, Read the rest of this entry

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