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Oculus Rift: Impressions.

A friend of mine invited me to check out his Oculus Rift dev kit last night.

I’ve heard a lot about it, and read articles, but like any physical accessory, you can’t really understand what it’s about until you’ve had a chance to experience it for yourself.

I sat down at my friend’s computer as he handed me the tech. It’s a sizable headseat that you strap on your head, and once fitter, he suggested that I close my eyes to really experience the full effect. Once the program ran, he told me to open my eyes.

My first impression was that you need a rotating chair to play with this. The visuals literally become your eyes. You can look up,down, and all around you in a full 360 view, and it’s unlike any other VR headset I’ve seen in that regard.

I watched a few demos of what Oculus Rift can do: One of the demos looked like a Windows screensaver on steroids as the rendered, jagged white balls slowly cruised past me. As they passed, I could look up and see them float past me, then turn around and watch the same ball pass into the distance. Read the rest of this entry

Disney Infinity: Post-Script.

This has been one of the games that I have really been looking forward to this year. While I never got into the whole Skylanders thing, I am very much a huge Disney fan. The idea of meshing pretty much everything Disney was too much to even comprehend, and the trailers showed more and more possibilities. But this game had a lot to live up to.

I think people honestly forget how big Disney is: There are the live action and animated films, nature films, theme parks, cruise lines, radio stations, record labels, retail stores, ESPN, ABC Television, Touchstone Pictures, Hollywood Pictures, Miramax, Broadway shows, ice shows…. That’s not even counting properties like Pixar, Lucasfilm (Star Wars/Indiana Jones), Marvel Comics (Spider-Man, Avengers, X-Men), Muppets, Mighty Morphin Power Rangers…. It’s a LOT of properties and potential ideas.

And that’s what they are trying to accomplish in this game.

From the opening moment the game begins, it is undeniably Disney. When you are greeted by Mickey Mouse and asked to follow him down a glowing, ever growing world, I freely admit that I started to grin as Rapunzel, Jack Skellington, Woody, Wreck-It Ralph, and others greeted me cheerfully as I Read the rest of this entry

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