With any crossover multi-character game, everyone has their own wish lists. Sure, some of them make sense, others are fan wishes, and others… and just plain crazy and make zero sense whatsoever.

Having recently pre-ordered Disney Infinity for the 360, and interacting on their Facebook page (where the site mods are very interactive and responsive), I have my own ideas of what I would like to see come to the game as this as being touted as the “future” of Disney gaming, essentially replacing stand-alone titles (mixed feelings on this), and becoming Disney’s most ambitious gaming project to date.

If you didn’t know, I’m a huge Disney fan. I know a lot of of the lore and history (and have even worked with them a time or two), so I’m going to try to be pretty expansive with what I’d like to see. Disney as a company is big, and it’s easy to forget how big they are. They own ESPN, the ABC network, and licenses for Muppets, Star Wars/Indiana Jones, Marvel Comics, Power Rangers…. And that’s still a small sampling, and while it would be easy to fill just with Marvel and Star Wars alone (and I’d like Indiana Jones play areas), I’m actually going to exclude those, despite me really wanting Luke Skywalker and Spider-Man in the same game doing awesome things together.

So here are top 10 characters, vehicles, buildings, and series. I’m also going to keep out announced things such as Buzz Lightyear, Jack Skellington, and Wreck-It Ralph, even those will be “must get” choices as they release.

1.) Scrooge McDuck – One of Disney’s greatest adventurers (and star of the upcoming DuckTales Remastered), Scrooge is a pogo jumping, globe trotting, treasure seeking, fisticuffs sort of duck that is devilishly clever, not afraid to get his hands dirty, and has had adventures that have inspired Indiana Jones.
2.) Tron – While there are a few Tron related items in the game, Tron himself is absent. I want to run around on a Game Grid playset, derezzing guards with my Identity Disc, and racing in light cycles.
3.) Stitch – Virtually indestructible, intelligent, agile, funny, and toting space blasters. I’m sure he’s a “given” down the line, but he’s one of the first that I thought of.
4.) Aladdin – He plays well as a “hero”, and I have far too many fond memories of the movie and Genesis game not to want to participate in that kind of adventure again.
5.) Beast – Whether as an animalistic powerhouse, or simply trying to regain his humanity, exploring the castle as the Beast from Beauty and the Beast just seems to be a natural choice as a “hero” figure.
6.) Oswald the Lucky Rabbit – If you missed the Epic Mickey games, Oswald can throw parts of his body, fly around, and has that “Springy” old-school cartoon sensibility that could lead to all kinds of crazy misadventures.
7.) Kermit the Frog – Not a fighter, but definitely a “wacky” character. I could see him getting into some good-natured fun, get involved in some pranks, or maybe play a song or two on his banjo
8.) Darkwing Duck – Disney needs more superheroes outside of The Incredibles or the Marvel collection. DW was already the subject of two video games as well as a recently rebooted (and sadly cancelled) comic series.
9.) Maleficent – The game supports and needs more villains – She’s easily one of the best (and worst) villains Disney ever created. Turning into the Dragon alone would justify that figure purchase.
10.) V.I.N.C.E.N.T. – The robot from The Black Hole would be fun as he can fly, has a grappling hook, and a laser.

BONUS: Captain EO – A “wildcard” choice, but if the “possibilities are infinite” in the truest sense, I would like a hand laser blasting, moonwalking, space hero to “change the world”

1.) Disneyland/Walt Disney World Monorail – This wouldn’t be a standard “car”. I would want the ability to lay down a full railway system and have it encompass my entire Toy Box park, allowing pick-up/drop-off locations.
2.) Light Cycles – The ones from Tron Legacy are cool, but I want the original multi-colored bikes from the original Tron, complete with light walls. This of course would go with the complete bike transformation sequence for extra awesome.
3.) The Nautilus – From 20,000 Leagues Under the Sea – That was an incredible submarine from the classic film, and I want to explore at least some water areas.
4.) Starspeeder 3000 – Okay, I’m cheating a little here with the Star Wars thing, but Star Tours makes me think more of the parks than the movies. Even better if Rex is captaining the ship.
5.) Doombuggy – They turned the cart into a racer in Walt Disney World: Magical Racing Tour, so why can’t they here?
6.) Benny the Cab – From both the ride and the movie, a smart-aleck, cartoon physics taxi cab with extending legs would make for a fun racer.
7.) Thunderquack – Darkwing Duck’s signature ship would make for a cool plane soaring over… whatever it is you end up making.
8.) Ranger Plane – The plane from Chip ‘N’ Dale Rescue Rangers could stick to walls, and also give the series a nod.
9.) Elliot (Electrical Main Street Parade version) – Both properties (parade and Pete’s Dragon) need to be represented in the game, and it would make for a colorful ride.
10.) X-2 Deep Space Shuttle – Epcot’s Mission: Space craft would be a lot of fun to fly over the Toy Box.

BONUS: Time Rover – From the Dinosaur ride at Animal Kingdom.

1.) The Haunted Mansion – One of the most iconic Disney park attractions needs to be represented in game (The New Orleans style Disneyland version would be my preferred choice).
2.) The Enchanted Tiki Room – This is another favorite attraction with a unique, tropical exterior.
3.) The Tree of Life – Animal Kingdom’s park icon is so detailed and eye catching. It would be fun to run around and spot all the animals.
4.) Cottage of the Seven Dwarfs – Any classic Disney animation fan knows this cottage from Snow White.
5.) Bald Mountain – I can’t see Chernabog as a playable character, but seeing him perched on top of his mountain domain from Fantasia would be pretty awesome.
6.) King Triton’s Castle – The golden castle from The Little Mermaid (minus the VHS cover additions).
7.) I/O Tower – The original Tron has some simplistic, but great visuals.
8.) Hollywood Tower – The iconic hotel of The Tower of Terror, complete with flickering lights, would be another visual favorite I’d like to see.
9.) Space Mountain – The iconic rollercoaster would be another “fun” building to place in the Toy Box.
10.) “Partners” – While not a building, the Mickey Mouse and Walt Disney statue is far too iconic to ignore.

BONUS: The Castle of Illusion – A nod to the classic Genesis game, the pseudo-sequel on the 3DS, and the upcoming remake. If there’s ever a time to merge a revived property into this game, now would be it.

1.) Disney Afternoon – This could cover a number of characters from DuckTales, Rescue Rangers, Talespin, Darkwing Duck, Gargoyles… even the Gummi Bears.
2.) Prydain – With the adventure based story and the sinister Horned King, even The Black Cauldron could stand to have a little fan attention.
3.) Neverland – Pirate ships, mermaids, fairies, Indians, and flying would be another great locale for adventure.
4.) Toontown – From Roger Rabbit to Mickey Mouse, this could cover a lot of character interactions.
5.) Treasure Planet – More sci-fi pirate treasure hunting from the movie of the same name.
6.) 100 Acre Wood – From Winnie the Pooh, not all adventures have to be bigger than a kid’s imagination.
7.) Muppet Theater – Kermit and company deserve their own playset to focus on all the stage and behind the scenes weirdness.
8.) Agrabah – Another Aladdin video game would make for some great locations to explore, and boss fights.
9.) Hercules – This could combine Mount Olympus, Earth, and the Underworld, or elements of the animated series.
10.) Wasteland – This is about the only place where the Epic Mickey story can continue now.

BONUS: Mary Poppins – Between London and the animated fantasy world, there would be several diverse locations to explore.

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