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Wish List: Disney Infinity.

With any crossover multi-character game, everyone has their own wish lists. Sure, some of them make sense, others are fan wishes, and others… and just plain crazy and make zero sense whatsoever.

Having recently pre-ordered Disney Infinity for the 360, and interacting on their Facebook page (where the site mods are very interactive and responsive), I have my own ideas of what I would like to see come to the game as this as being touted as the “future” of Disney gaming, essentially replacing stand-alone titles (mixed feelings on this), and becoming Disney’s most ambitious gaming project to date.

If you didn’t know, I’m a huge Disney fan. I know a lot of of the lore and history (and have even worked with them a time or two), so I’m going to try to be pretty expansive with what I’d like to see. Disney as a company is big, and it’s easy to forget how big they are. They own ESPN, the ABC network, and licenses for Muppets, Star Wars/Indiana Jones, Marvel Comics, Power Rangers…. And that’s still a small sampling, and while it would be easy to fill just with Marvel and Star Wars alone (and I’d like Read the rest of this entry

Catching Up.

Whew! I’m still here, believe it or not. Truth is, I’ve been swamped with “real world” writing for nearly two months now, and free time for recreational writing has been low. But I’m trying to fix that, so here I am. I also need to delete the spam my comments section got railed with. Do people really think that form of advertising works?

I missed all of the E3 commentary. That’s not to say that I didn’t pay attention. After the show, I think my next system of choice will be a Playstation 4. Some things simply don’t sit well with me after Microsoft’s show, even with the 180 they did after being blasted by every gaming publication and critic for their “It’s our way or up yours” attitude. It’s a little frustrating as I’ve really enjoyed the quality of games on the 360. I just can’t support them this time, especially with Microsoft being so buddy-buddy with the NSA, which I don’t agree with, nor do I agree with the “always on” Kinect that swears that it’s only listening for you to say “Kinect On”.

But it’s still listening to Read the rest of this entry

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