In the realm of video gaming, zombie titles are nothing new.

Seems like developers are just kooky for the undead buggers, which has greatly diminished their impact. The last good zombie games I’ve enjoyed were Left 4 Dead 2 from Valve, and Walking Dead from Telltale. Seriously, how many hordes of the dead can you blow away and have it still remain relevant and new?

State of Decay found a way.

This is a very different sort of zombie game. This isn’t the type of game where you just rush blindly into a zombie horde, guns blazing. Actually, that would be a very bad idea. This is a game about survival. Not only for yourself, but the people you encounter along the way. And in this game, decisions do matter.

There’s no hand holding in this game. You’re thrust into the proverbial water the second the game loads, and you learn how both zombies and living work.

You and your AI friend get your first “taste” of the outbreak out by a collection of cabins near a lake. You can either choose to fight or sneak past them, and while it’s not as relevant in this moment, Read the rest of this entry