Unless you’ve been living under a rock (man), two of video game’s most famous blue characters have come together for a comic book team-up adventure thanks to Archie Comics.

Mega MAn meets Sonic the Hedgehog, and of course do battle before they team up against all of their respective foes in one big battle.

The comic, if you haven’t seen it, is pretty fun and works better than you would believe. One would hope so, as it’s been hyped for months. So far so good….

Which really got me thinking about the whole concept of the idea, as well as where video games are today. To be candid, I don’t see why Sega and Capcom just don’t go ahead and do this as some 2D platforming mega adventure. It’s not an impossible concept as Crash Bandicoot and Spyro the Dragon did something similar years ago on Game Boy Advance:

The concepts are more similar when compared. Both the main antagonists, Dr. Wily and Dr. Robotnik (yeah, I said Robotnik, not Eggman) are both robot creating evil scientists bent on taking over the world. Mega Man hates spikes. Sonic hates water. Both games are filled with these obstacles. Two-player team-ups could be possible with shared combo moves and attacks, and if not, let each character simply take different paths between the two worlds to reach the same goal. Sonic Generations required us to play two radically different versions of the same level.

For Sega, it would be a nice way to make some easy money, considering the financial beating they took over that last Aliens game. Not to mention that Sonic has a rabidly dedicated fanbase, and Sonic Generations was a reminder that Sonic just plays better in 2D.

For Capcom, it would be a great way to at least post-celebrate Mega Man’s 25th anniversary, as well as show the fans that Capcom hasn’t abandoned the character, considering the sheer amount of cancelled games and character exclusions from multi-franchise titles. Also, Mega Man, much like Sonic, simply plays better in 2D.

In my opinion, part of the problem with the older and larger gaming companies is that they seem to have forgotten how to have “fun”, as most have become far too reliant on the sale of highly budgeted successes to take any creative risks anymore. Sega and Capcom both have a huge stable of characters, and used to be very mascot driven companies. Forget DLC and several million dollar development costs. Make a downloadable game on all major platforms that mixes the gameplay, visuals, and musical styles of the two games, twisting both series with influences from the other, yet keeping it totally appropriate in feel the the franchise’s respective roots. Archie Comics has already laid out the groundwork to prove that such a concept could be worked with, and combining two already eager fanbases would most assuredly be huge sales numbers for both companies. Done well, it would make a lot of fans happy and put a ton of grievances against both franchises to rest. Heck, it could even spawn its own series if done well.

Capcom and Sega need to make this happen, and remember how to put the “fun” back into their video games again. They have everything they need right in front of them to make that happen.

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