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Injustice: Gods Among Us: Post-Script.

I have been very impressed with Netherrealm’s track record. Their Mortal Kombat relaunch was excellent, allowing the studio to really craft a deep and fine-tuned game free from the shackles of ruched development that Midway often subjected their games to.

And now, Netherrealm has decided to try their hand with the DC Universe. This isn’t new, of course. They did this years earlier with Mortal Kombat Vs. DC, a game that I felt didn’t get enough credit considering it was the last game caught in Midway’s financial woes. And honestly, it’s hard merging a universe of characters known for explicit killing against heroes that simply never kill.

That doesn’t mean they can’t beat each other senseless, however.

Oh, and that happens here. Because the rules have changed, and when you’re dealing with characters that can level cities, it has to be intense.

*small spoiler, but you need to know the plot to understand why things are the way they are*

And the story itself is. After Joker tricks Superman into destroying Metropolis and his family, Superman no longer restrains himself, crushing anything he doesn’t like, and creating a new world order that establishes “peace” through control, fear, and subjugation. Read the rest of this entry

Arcadecraft: Post-Script.

I think it is any gamer’s dream to create a video game of their own.

Unfortunately, the majority of the content on the “Indie” section of Xbox Live shows what happens when it goes horribly wrong.

That’s not to say that every game is bad. But when you scroll through the list of endless zombie games, Minecraft clones, dating sims, controller vibration tests, and cover art that looks best left to the margins of some fifth grader’s notebook paper, you have to wonder how these people got dev kits.

Fortunately, Arcadecraft was a game that was not made in five minutes. And it shows.

Actually, it’s a really neat idea: It’s a sim-style game where players are put in charge of their own arcade, circa 1980’s. So that means that you are there from the beginning of the “big deal” time of the arcade. And it treats it accordingly, including 1984’s “crash”.

Players sort out everything: Floor patterns, decorations, neon signs, vending machines and jukeboxes. All to make that “perfect” arcade. And then, of course, are the games. None of them are licensed games, but if you know the era, you can read between the lines to see which Read the rest of this entry

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