A friend tipped me onto this game a few weeks back, but with my busy schedule of late, I hadn’t gotten a chance to sit down with it, much less review it. Now that I’ve done the playing needed to actually discuss the game, I am able to give an honest to goodness opinion.

At its core, the best way to describe Cargo Commander is an action puzzler. Taking the role of one of these said Commanders, your role is to draw in abandoned containers and extract the goodies from the hold using the various tools at your disposal. All of this grants you supplies and ammo and the ability to complete the task at hand to go on to the next level.

Of course this means that you won’t be doing this easily. There are the requisite alien creatures bent on killing you, to which you can utilize one of your weapons or the environment itself to wipe them out. And yet, they are not the most dangerous thing you face in the game….

Black holes. There you are, minding your own business and peacefully commanding cargo, when one of these rips will form and suck the container you’re standing in right into it. Of course, you can escape in time or grab a few more pieces of cargo, but that places you in the vacuum of space, and with no oxygen…. Well, you can guess the results if you don’t get to your home base in time. The intensity definitely ramps up even more when this happens.

The games controls easily and the layout is simple enough (though I am simply a controller type of guy, and not a keyboard player for action based games). The graphics are simple, but effective, and there’s a real “blue collar” feel to the character and his environment, from the country music playing in his main hold to the speed boost you can get to collecting a cup of coffee, it feels natural for the context of the game, and I appreciate they are sticking power-ups in sensible places, and not like turkey legs in walls (*ahem* Castlevania). The most amusing/perplexing addition to the control scheme is pressing the “F” key, which will unleash an epithet that bears a phrase similar sounding to “truck stew”. While perhaps not a game changer, it is fun to unleash before committing suicide in a stuck situation.

The game has achievements and multi-player options (didn’t have access to another player), but it’s an entertaining and surprisingly frantic outing on Steam. It’s low price also makes it worth a check-out.

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