I’m still here!

Okay, granted, it’s been a while. A long while. But life sort of got in the way with massively spraining my ankle, a near two week vacation, and a constant hustle to keep gigs in. All of this hasn’t left me much time to play video games, and it’s kind of hard to write a video gaming blog when you aren’t constantly in the subject matter. I haven’t even picked up New Super Mario Bros. 2 yet.

But I’ve done a few things here and there.

For starters, the Classic Gaming Expo. came to Fremont Street at the Plaza this year. While not as big as the one in 2010, there were a few notable moments. For example, there was the usual collection of gaming goods:

I got to play Fix-It Felix Jr.:

I ran into a few old friends:

Yes, that’s Howard Phillips from the early Nintendo Fun Club/Nintendo Power days. I also met David Crane of Pitfall! fame, but he was a little strange about taking a picture with me, unless I went to his talk that he was holding later that day.

But not a bad day. Came out with a few Lynx games (Pinball Jam and Robotron: 2084), and that was that.

There’s also another arcade-bar in Las Vegas called Hi-Scores. I went to the pre-opening, and it’s not bad. Not as robust an offering as Insert Coin(s), but it felt less like a club there. They did have a Pac-Man Battle Royale machine there, which was really cool.

The final thing is that I’m getting to see a sneak preview of Wreck-It Ralph this upcoming Thursday, which I am really excited for. Then again, looking at the last trailer, how can you not be?

As always, duty calls. Hopefully, during these Winter months, I’ll be back to a normal posting schedule again.

Until then….

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