It’s an unusual title to be sure, but bear with with me.

I’ve long publicized my love for Epic Mickey, the Wii exclusive Mickey Mouse title from designer Warren Spector. Sure, it was pretty exciting in that it not only brought back Mickey Mouse as a video gaming hero (Anyone with a NES or Genesis can understand why that was such a big deal), but it fed into my love of Disney history.

Epic Mickey 2, now a multi-console title, looks to be great. Fully voiced characters, more Disney lore, and a musical, of all things. It sounds pretty exciting, and my faith is tested on which version to get, as Junction Point is still making the Wii version the lead SKU.

And then the 3DS version titled Epic Mickey: The Power of Illusion was announced.

But I’m getting ahead of myself now. For you see, my title actually does have a point. Scrooge McDuck has both faced the Phantom Blot and heard of the Wasteland very recently, thanks to Warren Spector’s run on the DuckTales comic. This particular menace was faced by not only Scrooge, but also Darkwing Duck and related cast teamed up with Duckburg’s finest in a sizable (and fun) comic book crossover called Dangerous Currency.

“Epic” indeed.

The Wasteland connection was exciting enough. Seeing old McDuck in a 2D platformer next to Mickey Mouse was something else. And then on top of that, one other connection was made, something that quite honestly blew me away:

The 3DS game is a sequel to the Genesis title Castle of Illusion Starring Mickey Mouse.

I can’t even express enough how much I loved that 1990 title, and the explanation of the witch Mizrabel and the castle becoming part of the Wasteland due it it becoming “forgotten” Disney is so common sense perfect that I’ve been scouring the internet daily in hopes of news, videos, more screenshots, anything.

Considering the game is teaming Mickey with a number of Disney heroes also makes it sound suspiciously like Kingdom Hearts as well (but that’s another game this year). I guess if anything, we will have to wait until E3 before we hear any more news, but this is now one of my top anticipated games for the year.

Kid Icarus was one of my more beloved 8-bit titles, but I was losing hope that I would ever see a sequel. I loved Castle of Illusion, and never expected a sequel. The 3DS really has been hitting the most primal of sweet spots when it comes to my personal gaming history. No wonder I love that little system so much.

By the way, Disney, just give Warren Spector the DuckTales game already. He wants it, we want it, you’ll want our money when it releases. We will all win.

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