Don’t feel too horribly bad if you missed out on the Kid Icarus: Uprising AR Card event at certain Gamestops possibly in your area.

I almost didn’t hear of it myself, if Joystiq hadn’t stepped in.

The event wasn’t the most publicized thing in the world, but sure enough, at least two Gamestops within a few miles (and not my usual ones) were holding events to get new, free cards. Considering how hard the cards are to get under normal circumstances, I couldn’t resist.

It wasn’t an epic event, but it was nice to talk shop with a Nintendo rep, and it’s good to seeing Nintendo being active (if discreet), about continued promotion of the game.

Now, here’s where the “Aw, nuts” part of missing out can be somewhat alleviated in case you missed out.

1.) There is another event with all new cards (confirmed) on May 12.

2.) I have two (maybe three) extra packs to give away to my readers.

How do you get your hands on one, you ask? Fairly easy, but there is a little work involved. In the comments section, I want you to come up with an idea. I’d like to do a collaborative piece or two with some of my readers/fellow bloggers, and if you come up with a good enough idea, we can co-write a piece that I will post on this blog, but will also promote your site within the piece. I figure you guys like to write your own content as it is, so an extra entry for the sake of free cards (Eggplant Wizard is one of the selections) isn’t too much to ask.

So let me know! And we will move forward from there. I’ll have the missus help judge to keep things impartial.

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