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Wreck-It Ralph.

While information has been incredibly scarce up to this point, there is a new Disney movie coming out called Wreck-It Ralph.

Why should you care? Because it’s all about video games.

Not only that, it’s going to be full of cameos from famous video game characters (everyone from Bowser, to Dr. Robotnik, to Kano, to Dr. Wily), as video bad guy Ralph goes on an epic quest of arcade proportions to finally be the hero. From the sound of it, it’s going to be the Who Framed Roger Rabbit? for video games.

Oh sure, this sort of thing draws me in like you wouldn’t believe, but they also debuted this at the D23 expo:

Fix-It Felix Jr. (from TomiKobi) looks to be heavily inspired by Nintendo arcade games of old, from gameplay to the cabinet art. If Disney Interactive doesn’t drop this game as a download around the film’s debut, they will have missed a major tie-in opportunity.

There’s not much out there right now, but the trailer is said to debut alongside Pixar’s Brave. I’ll likely be posting more as it gets closer to its premiere. It’s been so low-key that it’s easy to forget about, but hopefully, and knowing Read the rest of this entry

Blast From The Past.

One of my old colleagues tagged me in a Facebook post from the old Midway days in the Texas office, so I felt the need to add this here.

All the way back from 1997:

Let it never be said that I don’t share “the old days” with my readers.

The cubicle under the Robotron X sign was mine. No, I haven’t the slightest idea of what we were so intently focusing on.

Scrooge McDuck and the Castle of Illusion.

It’s an unusual title to be sure, but bear with with me.

I’ve long publicized my love for Epic Mickey, the Wii exclusive Mickey Mouse title from designer Warren Spector. Sure, it was pretty exciting in that it not only brought back Mickey Mouse as a video gaming hero (Anyone with a NES or Genesis can understand why that was such a big deal), but it fed into my love of Disney history.

Epic Mickey 2, now a multi-console title, looks to be great. Fully voiced characters, more Disney lore, and a musical, of all things. It sounds pretty exciting, and my faith is tested on which version to get, as Junction Point is still making the Wii version the lead SKU.

And then the 3DS version titled Epic Mickey: The Power of Illusion was announced.

But I’m getting ahead of myself now. For you see, my title actually does have a point. Scrooge McDuck has both faced the Phantom Blot and heard of the Wasteland very recently, thanks to Warren Spector’s run on the DuckTales comic. This particular menace was faced by not only Scrooge, but also Darkwing Duck and related cast teamed up with Duckburg’s finest Read the rest of this entry

Kid Icarus: Uprising AR Event Yesterday.

Don’t feel too horribly bad if you missed out on the Kid Icarus: Uprising AR Card event at certain Gamestops possibly in your area.

I almost didn’t hear of it myself, if Joystiq hadn’t stepped in.

The event wasn’t the most publicized thing in the world, but sure enough, at least two Gamestops within a few miles (and not my usual ones) were holding events to get new, free cards. Considering how hard the cards are to get under normal circumstances, I couldn’t resist.

It wasn’t an epic event, but it was nice to talk shop with a Nintendo rep, and it’s good to seeing Nintendo being active (if discreet), about continued promotion of the game.

Now, here’s where the “Aw, nuts” part of missing out can be somewhat alleviated in case you missed out.

1.) There is another event with all new cards (confirmed) on May 12.

2.) I have two (maybe three) extra packs to give away to my readers.

How do you get your hands on one, you ask? Fairly easy, but there is a little work involved. In the comments section, I want you to come up with an idea. I’d like to do a collaborative piece or two Read the rest of this entry

Short Update.

I’ve not been able to update as much as I would like to lately, but while March had been hectic and April looks to be not much better in terms of “free time”, I am thinking of a few ideas to cover for stories, and lining up a few things for this year.

In the meantime, what have you been playing lately? I am still working away on Kid Icarus: Uprising in light of its crazy plot twist, and occasionally supplementing my console time with more Skyrim. I’m back in “exploration” mode, which means that I am back to delving into new caves and dragon shouting hargravens off of cliffs only to be killed by mudcrabs. Such is life.

So sound off! What is keeping your attention of late?

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