Older gamers might remember a game back from 1984 called Spy Vs. Spy, based off of the MAD magazine mini-comic that placed Black Spy Vs. White Spy in a series of espionage that usually resulted in at least, being bested by the other, or at worst, being killed by a clever and goofy booby trap.

The game came out for a number of personal computers of the time, as well as the 8-bit consoles. It was popular enough to warrant two sequels (one set in the jungle, the other in the Artic), and a new game for the Playstation 2/Xbox.

History lesson aside, Warner Bros. looks like they are set to bring it back for iOS:

Too early to call it either way, but given Warner Bros. track record, it looks… interesting to say the least.

I’ll be curious to see the actual gameplay.

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