It’s been a few days since my last post, but there’s been a few subjects on my mind.

Of of which is the new site Pitch.Win.Play – run my a long-time friend and industry colleague of mine.

The concept is pretty unique. You’ll have the opportunity to pitch a gaming concept that is reviewed by a panel of judges. If chosen, the selected title will go from concept to reality (i.e. an actual, playable game).

It looks like they are getting some genuine support for the project, most notably from Renegade Kid (of Mutant Mudds fame), as this interview was found on GoNintendo a few days back.

Considering that I have a few aspiring designers that visit this site, this may be the outlet that you’ve been looking for. And there may be some other news regarding this concept that may be coming shortly.

Check it out! Answers are only a link click away….

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