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One Year Of 3DS.

Today marks one year of the 3DS being released in North America. It’s been an unusual journey. From a rocky start to its place today, an anniversary can’t be complete without mentioning both the system’s highs and lows.

I still remember picking my 3DS up from Gamestop last Spring, and the sales that they had for the limited (at the time) titles. Unlike a lot of the more harsh critics of the system when it came out, I became a fan of the system from the first moment. Sure, the initial software line-up lacked any major heavy hitters, and I do think the system was likely released before it truly had everything in place, but I was waiting for Kid Icarus.

That was a launch title. Or at least it was supposed to be. Then a Summer, then Fall, then 2012. But I knew that the system could have great potential from its first promised titles. The “Coming Soon” list was stronger than the Wii has ever been, and honestly, I liked the 3D. There really was a difference in gameplay. Distances were easier to judge, making titles like Pilotwings more immersive, and Read the rest of this entry

Spy Vs. Spy

Older gamers might remember a game back from 1984 called Spy Vs. Spy, based off of the MAD magazine mini-comic that placed Black Spy Vs. White Spy in a series of espionage that usually resulted in at least, being bested by the other, or at worst, being killed by a clever and goofy booby trap.

The game came out for a number of personal computers of the time, as well as the 8-bit consoles. It was popular enough to warrant two sequels (one set in the jungle, the other in the Artic), and a new game for the Playstation 2/Xbox.

History lesson aside, Warner Bros. looks like they are set to bring it back for iOS:

Too early to call it either way, but given Warner Bros. track record, it looks… interesting to say the least.

I’ll be curious to see the actual gameplay.

Kid Icarus: Uprising: Post-Script.

It’s hard to believe that this moment has come. The reason that I purchased my 3DS last year is finally here, so people must be wondering what I think.

Before I begin, let me tell you a story….

I got my NES back in 1987, and sure, I got the expected Mario/Zelda/Duck Hunt/Ghosts ‘N’ Goblins fare, but Kid Icarus was an unusual happenstance. I used to spend the weekends with my Grandmother, who was a neat, eccentric lady who would often give me an allowance of $3.00 when we would go shopping. Three bucks today doesn’t buy much, but back then, that was a comic book or two, or a few rounds of Paperboy or Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom at the mall’s arcade (Yes, I know I’m old). During one of our visits to K-Mart, I saw that silver NES box, and got excited. It was an “Adventure Series” game, and certainly, that had to be good, right?

On a whim, I asked my Grandma if I could have the game. Never hurts to ask, right? And to my surprise, she said “Yes”, marking one of the few few video games that she ever Read the rest of this entry

Game Gear On The 3DS.

I’m still on the fence about the whole “Virtual Console” thing. While I was initially very excited about the whole concept and initial execution on the Wii, the total mishandling, content stoppage, and the recent game removals have soured me from ever utilizing the service on the Wii again.

And now that a similar service has been on the 3DS, I still remain skeptical. Sure there are Game Boy games, and Game Boy Color games, and now NES games (which I think have replaced the idea of the Turbo Duo ever appearing on the service due to Hudson being bought out by Konami, and the mass content removals on the Wii), but there are a LOT of games on those three consoles alone. And I mean well over a thousand potential titles. Well, more “hundreds”, I suppose with all the licensing issues. But do we really need Home Alone for the Game Boy?

Now, finally after almost a year, we have Game Gear titles. The Game Gear was Sega’s attempt to take on the Game Boy back in the 8-bit days. It was essentially a portable Master System, but boasted full screen color at the cost Read the rest of this entry

Countdown To Kid Icarus.

I’ve been waiting 20 years for a sequel to this game.

As far as I’ve been concerned, the original Kid Icarus for the NES never got the credit it deserved. Sure, it had bottomless pits that any given fall could mean instant death. And yes, there were enemies that could rob you blind of your power-ups, forcing you either to trudge through substantially weakened, or just commit suicide to restart the level. Not to mention the Grim Reaper that was quite scary for a little sprite, calling down hordes of Reaperettes. And the Eggplant Wizard? He really was as bad as the rumors suggested. One false move meant you had to again traverse an already difficult dungeon powerless in hopes of finding a hospital.

But I was extremely fond of the game, and found the difficulty survivable.

There was a lot to like, and a lot of weird: Great music, odd enemies, different gameplay styles, a credit card to hold on making purchases, a secret code for store discounts. It was weird, and wacky and wonderful.

The Game Boy sequel wasn’t that bad, either. But I was still more partial to the first game, and Read the rest of this entry


It’s been a few days since my last post, but there’s been a few subjects on my mind.

Of of which is the new site Pitch.Win.Play – run my a long-time friend and industry colleague of mine.

The concept is pretty unique. You’ll have the opportunity to pitch a gaming concept that is reviewed by a panel of judges. If chosen, the selected title will go from concept to reality (i.e. an actual, playable game).

It looks like they are getting some genuine support for the project, most notably from Renegade Kid (of Mutant Mudds fame), as this interview was found on GoNintendo a few days back.

Considering that I have a few aspiring designers that visit this site, this may be the outlet that you’ve been looking for. And there may be some other news regarding this concept that may be coming shortly.

Check it out! Answers are only a link click away….

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