It has been a super busy week for me with work, but I wanted to check in as I know I have a lot of info. to update, including my week’s trip to CES (Don’t get too excited. You’ll understand why after my report, but there was a personal surprise for me, which I’ll detail because it’s fun).

I will say that in bringing my 3DS to CES this week, I didn’t get quite as many StreetPass tags as I would have hoped over the last three days (about a dozen), or as many regions added to my locations list (2 new states here, and 2 regions of Japan), but at least I can take my 3DS out and finally get signs of life on the thing. I’m sure Christmas helped matters a lot.

Also, Zen Pinball (thanks to SuperPhillip for reminding me that it’s NOT Pinball FX as found on the Xbox 360). It’s available for download on the 3DS as of today (for us in the States), and finally, Nintendo has allowed for an online system to be properly implemented in a game. If you download it, we can all attempt to crush each other’s scores. The 3DS downloadable lineup is still limited, but it’s been consistently good lately. And this is another winner.

More this weekend, and “Hello” to my new readers!

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