Honestly, I don’t know why all the gaming blogs and websites really talk about CES. To be perfectly candid, it barely has anything to do with video games at all.

Mostly, CES is about HD and 3D TVs, car audio, cases to protect your phones and tablets, and a few other things. It’s like a high end flea market, though the feel of going booth to booth and seeing the same thing only slightly repackaged in each one never seems to really escape you.

There was some video game stuff, however. Sony had about 8-12 Playstation 3 games tucked away on a tiny walkway, and Microsoft was promoting Kinect the same as they did last year. If there was anything else, it was impossible to find, and let me tell you: I walked a significant portion of the show floor between the Convention Center and the Venetian, and even went up a few floors. It’s not like the Nintendo Powers of old, or the second coming of E3. And I didn’t expect it to be. But with gaming consoles becoming more multimedia outlets, is that not the very definition of “consumer electronics”? At an expo, no less.

Strangely, my most exciting experience came on a personal level. It was by mere random chance (and a random Facebook update complaining about the sketchiness of the expo’s wi-fi. Seriously? CES is going to have sporadic wi-fi?), that I ran into a cousin of mine that I haven’t seen in over 20 years. Seriously, we used to play together as children, and with a well placed tip, I actually recognized the guy, now all grown up (as he’s around my age), and of all the places to have an impromptu family reunion with someone not seen in over two decades. Crazy….

And I did get a few StreetPass dings on my 3DS, which wasn’t as many as I hoped for. I got about a dozen, which, at CES, I kind of thought I would have found more. Again, CES. People from all over the world, and it was kind of a bust.

Anyway, it was a lot of walking, a lot of repetition of products, and two very sore feet. But hey, now you know what “magic” you missed this past week.

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