See? I told you that I’d get a little better with my updating, and with a review, no less.

The oft-maligned (unfortunately) 3DS continues with its slow start, but it has gotten a little better, and hopefully moreso as time moves forward. Between the “Ambassador Program” with the 10 free NES games (the jury’s out on the painfully boring NES Open Tournament Golf), and the release of Star Fox 64 3D (a title getting dangerously close to Square-Enix’s ridiculous titles), things are looking up.

Nintendo is no stranger to rereleases. Heaven knows we see more than our fair share of certain titles pumped out over and over that only their quality keeps them from wearing out their welcome. But Star Fox 64 isn’t a title that has seen too many repeats. But Star Fox itself isn’t a title that sees as much action as other franchises.

But Star Fox…. I went on and on how utterly brilliant the updated Ocarina of Time was, and how it could be considered the “definitive” version. Honestly, the same applies here.

The title is a great flat-out arcade style shooter, filled with multiple paths and vehicles, and is overall just great fun. None of that is lost in the translation. If anything, the sound is clearer, and the graphics have gone under the same impressive overhaul that Zelda did. Nintendo makes smart use of both screens, the 3D is vibrant and engaging, and the graphics, especially the water effects, are fantastic. It’s funny that the two graphical showcases of the system are remakes of decade-plus old Nintendo 64 games.

But in the long run, who cares? The design worked then, and it still works now. At this point, I wouldn’t mind seeing other N64 titles get the upgrade, such as Majora’s Mask, Waverace, and Super Mario 64 if it meant that they came out like this. With all the system limitations, the N64 put out some groundbreaking games, even if they are uglier than sin today.

I didn’t try multi-player, and unfortunately, it doesn’t look to be a feature that I’ll go crazy over. The original game’s multi-player was already limited. It’s a shame they couldn’t just give that mode online play.

The worst part of the game is the fact that it made me realize how much I’ve missed a proper Star Fox. The franchise’s sequels are so few and far between, and they are generally all over the place. Even when I disagree with Nintendo, it’s moments like this that give me that soft, squishy feeling of why I like them so much, and what they do bring to the gaming table. Fox and company need to fly in their Arwings. I’ve hoping this title will convince Nintendo to reinvigorate the series.

It is worth a look? Most definitely, especially for gamers starving for new, quality 3DS content. I had an intensely fun time with the game, and it’s a telling sign of how powerful the 3DS is graphically, and how, when used properly, effective the 3D feature is. For all the craziness Nintendo has put the Star Fox franchise through, this old title feels like a breath of fresh new air for a series (and system) that really needed it.

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