Aggh, I can’t believe it’s been three weeks since my last update, but there have been a few good reasons for that.

Mostly family and friend visits, in addition to getting ready for said family and friend visits, and honestly, I haven’t had much time to game lately, which makes it a little hard to pontificate on the subject when you haven’t picked up a controller all that much.

But I do take that back to an extent. There was a Pac-Man Championship DX tournament at Insert Coins last week, which I made a point to enter. The hard part was that a week before, I pulled tendons in my gaming hand the weekend before that, so my electronic interfaces of any sort were limited. Even now, typing isn’t the most comfortable thing in the world.

For a busted hand, I did alright. I scored 1.3 million, which put me in the Top 5 of the tournament. I had to wait my turn, kept my hand from getting too sore, and then my moment arrived.

I started out well, practicing from weeks before, but my thumb went screwy, meaning that I died early in the first few minutes. But I stepped up my game, blocking the pain out of my head, and powered on to a 1.4 million score.

It felt good, though, like the arcades of old, where skills could draw a crowd, and playing better could garner cheers. I truly felt the part of a digital gladiator, as the DJ pumped music during my play session. I would have chosen “Eye of the Tiger”, anything from Journey, or the appropriate “Pac-Man Fever”, but alas, I got Black Eyed Peas. We can’t win them all.

Speaking of winning, I got third place, which was a $50 gift card, and since I was the first to review the place on Yelp and feature it on here, I got a cash bonus from the owner as well. Why, the winning pose alone ensures that I will never, ever be counted as a “gangsta”:

I will be getting back into a more regular posting schedule. Big games are coming out, I got my “Ambassador” games from Nintendo, and speaking of 3DS, I had gotten a screen scratch from opening/closing my system, and while I was mortified at the thought at sending it in for repair, I decided to throw caution to the wind (along with a very specific note), and both my 3DS and Wii were fully repaired and not replaced. I guess the trials and tribulations that I endured last year finally paid off for something.

More soon, I assure you.

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