Finally, after saving up for what feels like forever, I have this:

At 1200 points, it’s not an easy thing to score, but my 3DS and the Ambassador program helped get me to the level I needed to own this.

“So how is it”, you ask?

I actually owned a few of these Game & Watch titles when I was a kid. I got a few from a cruise ship gift store as a kid, and my favorites were Mario Bros., Donkey Kong, and Super Mario Bros. I never did own the elusive Zelda game, however. Heck, I’m still struggling to unlock it in Game & Watch Gallery 4.

But this is a classy piece, easily ranking up there with the Mario Hanafuda cards as some of the nicest items in the catalog, and certainly more exciting than the “Platinum” level pin set coming this year.

For all intents and purposes, this looks, plays, and feels like the games of old. The only major difference is a small “Club Nintendo” logo on the back, and a “Thank you” nod built into the box’s packaging as you open it.

Ball itself is very simple: Control the arms of a juggler as three balls fly into the air. And that’s basically it. But it’s the first Game & Watch title, and an interesting look into the evolution of portable gaming.

If you have the points, or are somewhat close, hold out until you have enough to get it. This is a true “Nintendo Fan” piece”, and definitely something for any classic game collector. I do like it when Nintendo goes all out to do something special like this, and as their most expensive item, it’s worth the surveys.

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