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Latest Club Nintendo Addition.

Finally, after saving up for what feels like forever, I have this:

At 1200 points, it’s not an easy thing to score, but my 3DS and the Ambassador program helped get me to the level I needed to own this.

“So how is it”, you ask?

I actually owned a few of these Game & Watch titles when I was a kid. I got a few from a cruise ship gift store as a kid, and my favorites were Mario Bros., Donkey Kong, and Super Mario Bros. I never did own the elusive Zelda game, however. Heck, I’m still struggling to unlock it in Game & Watch Gallery 4.

But this is a classy piece, easily ranking up there with the Mario Hanafuda cards as some of the nicest items in the catalog, and certainly more exciting than the “Platinum” level pin set coming this year.

For all intents and purposes, this looks, plays, and feels like the games of old. The only major difference is a small “Club Nintendo” logo on the back, and a “Thank you” nod built into the box’s packaging as you open it.

Ball itself is very simple: Control the arms of a juggler as three balls fly Read the rest of this entry

Star Fox 64 3D: Post-Script.

See? I told you that I’d get a little better with my updating, and with a review, no less.

The oft-maligned (unfortunately) 3DS continues with its slow start, but it has gotten a little better, and hopefully moreso as time moves forward. Between the “Ambassador Program” with the 10 free NES games (the jury’s out on the painfully boring NES Open Tournament Golf), and the release of Star Fox 64 3D (a title getting dangerously close to Square-Enix’s ridiculous titles), things are looking up.

Nintendo is no stranger to rereleases. Heaven knows we see more than our fair share of certain titles pumped out over and over that only their quality keeps them from wearing out their welcome. But Star Fox 64 isn’t a title that has seen too many repeats. But Star Fox itself isn’t a title that sees as much action as other franchises.

But Star Fox…. I went on and on how utterly brilliant the updated Ocarina of Time was, and how it could be considered the “definitive” version. Honestly, the same applies here.

The title is a great flat-out arcade style shooter, filled with multiple paths and vehicles, and is overall just great fun. Read the rest of this entry

Pac-Man Fever.

Aggh, I can’t believe it’s been three weeks since my last update, but there have been a few good reasons for that.

Mostly family and friend visits, in addition to getting ready for said family and friend visits, and honestly, I haven’t had much time to game lately, which makes it a little hard to pontificate on the subject when you haven’t picked up a controller all that much.

But I do take that back to an extent. There was a Pac-Man Championship DX tournament at Insert Coins last week, which I made a point to enter. The hard part was that a week before, I pulled tendons in my gaming hand the weekend before that, so my electronic interfaces of any sort were limited. Even now, typing isn’t the most comfortable thing in the world.

For a busted hand, I did alright. I scored 1.3 million, which put me in the Top 5 of the tournament. I had to wait my turn, kept my hand from getting too sore, and then my moment arrived.

I started out well, practicing from weeks before, but my thumb went screwy, meaning that I died early in the first few minutes. But Read the rest of this entry

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