My apologies for taking so long to update the ol’ blog. I’ve been busy of late, and unfortunately, just haven’t had as much time to catch up. Regardless, I did have an interesting event about a week and a half ago, so I thought I’d share.

Insert Coin(s) was hosting a podcast not too terribly long ago with featured guest Keith Robinson. If the name doesn’t ring a bell, Keith is the “big guy” of Intellivision from back in the day, and is still going strong now.

The podcast was supposed to start at 5:00 that night, but ended up starting more around 7:00. But really, it turned out very well for me, as I got to approach Keith, get my copy of Intellivision Lives! for the DS signed, and spent about an hour talking to him.

Getting to sit down with a “legend” like Keith, especially for that long a time is something that a gamer could only hope for. We talked about the state of gaming then and now, transferring Intellivision games(and its quirky controller) over to modern gaming consoles and experiences, the future of where he would like to take the games, handling licensing issues of older (and defunct as a result) titles, hidden trivia and Easter Eggs in games, and well as a few things that he spoke one on one and shant repeat here at this time out of respect for confidentiality. Let’s just say we “talked shop”, both of us being industry veterans.

He also had these great art prints of the Intellivision title, Thin Ice, one of which I picked up.

All in all, it was a fantastic experience, and something that I hope Insert Coin(s) continues. I prefer that a lot more over “DJ Night” (though they do have an ’80’s night, and I can’t disparage them for that at all).

And for posterity:

Keith took a better picture that I need to message him for. As for the site, I’ll get back into posting more regularly. The last few weeks have been nuts, though I can’t really account for much of what happened. One of those “time whizzing by” sort of things.

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