These days, only Stern is the only company left making pinball games. It’s simultaneously a shame and a relief, but at least somebody is still doing it.

But I made it a point to go check out the new Tron Legacy pinball machine at the Pinball Hall of Fame.

They even had the courtesy to place it next to the original Tron arcade machine, so while waiting for one, I played the other.

My pictures don’t really do the cabinet art justice, but it’s a wonderland of neon lights and Daft Punk music. And really, what more do you need from the subject matter? It’s a fun experience, with lots of lighted ramps, voices and sound effects. It’s a pretty machine to watch in a darkened room.

Stern’s site gives much more detailed pictures, as well as a means to purchase the machine for a paltry $5,699.00. Considering that I’m hungering for my own pinball machine, this makes the hunger to own this one all the more real.

Now to just scrounge up an extra $5,699.00….

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