I couldn’t resist a particular eBay find, especially for the price:

I found an Atari Lynx for $20.

The system is in pretty good shape, with only a few minor (but manageable) screen scuffs, and a copy of California Games in tow. Considering how much these usually run for, I found it a good deal.

I also decided to pick up Batman Returns for the system, as it looked amazing to me at the time, so one can hope it lives up to being envious in Babbages all those years ago.

It’s an interesting system overall. It’s about the size of a brick, so it definitely feels meaty in the hand, and of course, backlighting technology in the early 1990’s wasn’t as sophisticated as it is today, but at least it’s serviceable and adjustable.

So now that I have it, does anyone have any recommendations as to what games are good for it? I’ve seen a few interesting looking titles, and the system is fairly full of popular arcade classics of the time, but I’m hoping that some of my old-school brethren can give some solid suggestions.

Personally, I think it’s a much cooler system than the original Game Boy, but like most competitor’s systems, it just couldn’t survive without the third-party support that Nintendo had. Not to mention the still bad taste in the mouth the Atari name left at the time.

Such is gaming history.

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