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I discovered an album recently that is full of gaming greats and goes for a good cause.

Of course, everyone remembers the multiple disasters that befell Japan earlier this year, and while we don’t hear about it as much on the news anymore, the devastation is still no less prominent. Soap box aside, some of gaming’s greatest musical legends came together for a compilation album that devotes its process to the continuing relief efforts over there.

What is this album?

Play for Japan

The Amano cover art alone got me curious, but it’s a solid collection of original music (save for a lively Super Mario rendition by Koji Kondo). And certainly, it’s a good cause. But is it a good album?

I’ve enjoyed listening to it. It’s a little all over the place from all of these composers and their varying musical styles, but each piece has been unique and solid, especially if you recognize and like a lot of these musicians.

For $10 (the Mario theme is only available on iTunes), it’s a worthwhile album, and it seems to have garnered some positive attention. It’s worth the listen, and besides, it helps to restore Japan so they can get back to making all of those great games again.

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