I never was a big Xevious fan back in the day. Most of my early ’80’s shooting fare consisted of Space Invaders, Galaga, Asteroids, and Defender. The game never really spoke to me, but I wanted to support the new (and apparently limited) “3D Classics” line on the 3DS, so I gave this a shot.

It’s amazing how 3D can revitalize a classic.

One of the largest problems that I used to have with the game is that the relationship between ground and sky battles weren’t always clear. I wasn’t always sure what I could collide with, and what I couldn’t, leading to some stupid deaths. But it’s amazing to move the 3D slider from 2D to 3D, and watch the game’s perspective just “pop”.

For the first time, I can finally “understand” Xevious. And that makes it a more exciting experience.

It’s still a hard game. It’s still one that I can get scraped across the walls for on the higher stages, but I’ve been making much better maneuvering decisions, and the analog control really makes flying the ship a much more rewarding experience.

As I said before, I wasn’t excited to see one of the limited six titles “wasted” on Xevious, but that was before I gave it a chance and played it. It really is a different experience, yet completely faithful to the style of its original counterpart. It’s the same “Wow” effect that I experienced with Excitebike, and to date, the “3D Classics Series” is the best example the portable has to showcase the shift between the different play perspectives.

I don’t think Xevious is a waste anymore, and can now understand why it was chosen. If you’re on the fence, but like shooters, I’ve found it to be a safe, and very addictive bet to sample.

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