I’ve noticed that getting those free “Welcome Back” games isn’t as easy as it seemed.

I’m downloading them now, but not without lack of some effort. Sure, they’re on the main splash page of PSN, and yet when you click to download them…. Where did they go? And then they’re gone as if they never existed.

If you did confirm your free goods, and can’t find them for the life of you, here’s what you have to do:

Get out of the store and follow these menus:

Account Management
Transaction Management
Services List
SCEA Promotions

Oddly enough, you get to download the games here. Sure would have been nice to specify instead of having to look up the info., wouldn’t it?

Hope that saves some of you a little pain in being “Welcomed Back”.

$250 for a Vita, you say? A portable Bioshock? Do tell more….

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