And so, a single, 2D level of Sonic Generations came out on the 360 today, with cute, chubby Sonic, instead of the leaner more “extreme” Sonic (I seem to be using the word “extreme” a lot in my posts of late. If I speak of parachute pants and M.C. Hammer, be sure to shake me back into reality, will you?).

As the game loaded after the cheerful and familiar opening theme of the first Sonic game, I found myself repeating “Please don’t suck”, as I braced myself for whatever may happen. I’ve walked this path too many times before, and each time Sega promises “It’s going to get better” is usually met with varying degrees of success.

Well, I’ll be…. It didn’t suck.

Sonic Generations
features a much tighter feel of play control in that one Green Hill Zone. Sonic hopped and bopped through the stage, and I never once got angry when I missed a jump or lost rings, as I felt that was more my error. I’m not used to playing a game that feels like the Genesis games, and had prepared for floaty controls.

There are some 2.5D effects, but it’s very much a 2D platformer at heart. I found myself distracted by the graphics, but in a good way. The graphics were colorful and lively, the music was nicely updated, Sonic behaved like he should and hasn’t for a long time.

It’s only one level. It’s still too early to call it either way, and the “Modern” mode hasn’t been revealed as playable yet. A lot can happen from here to later. But the little glimpse felt good. It’s the same old thing: You want to like Sonic, but for years, Sega hasn’t let you, because I think they forgot who he was. Finally, it seems like they are starting on the road to remembrance.

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