I’m a little… confused by the Microsoft presser. Mostly, let down, but I don’t know what I was expecting. Certainly not that.

I may be one of the few, but I had hoped that Microsoft would have found a solution for Game Room and fixed it up. It’s a horrible waste and a sad death for a fun service, but between this and 1 Vs. 100, it sends a pretty clear message on how Microsoft is going to treat services like this, and I won’t be investing in any of their new programming services. Burn me twice….

Kinect is clearly the focus of the show. And on one hand, that’s fine. Other than Dance Central and Yoostar 2, I haven’t played anything truly exceptional for the device. Kinect Sports is fun, but it is, after all, a Wii Sports clone from a former Nintendo developer. But I am ready to see some new content for the device, and see what the next batch has to offer.

Is it just me, or is it weird that a Sesame Street game, of all things, is easily the best looking offering of the lot? The Gunstringer looks fun (though not mentioned), and Kinect: Disneyland Adventures could go either way, but Star Wars….

I’d really like to know who at Lucasarts decided that the Original Trilogy is no longer something worth the time to explore. After 12 years, I’ve grown tired of their games focusing almost exclusively on the Prequels and Clone Wars, and wonder why that outside of the second Lego game, the Rogue Squadron series, and that in-between time frame of The Force Unleashed, we can’t be granted some new adventure featuring Han Solo and Luke Skywalker. The Prequels and related content have exhausted me, and this Kinect exclusive title needs a lot of work from what I can tell. It looks to be a handful of mini-games, and the Jedi sequence looks to be the weakest of the lot.

I’m also surprised I wasn’t more into Dance Central. That’s another issue, as it’s all modern club music. Can Harmonix not find any worthy additions from the 30 year time span of the 1970’s to the 1990’s? I know we aren’t seeing the total playlist, but the initial offering has left me cold, no matter how good the first game was.

And I’m not into another new Halo and Gears of War. I know they are the “big” Microsoft franchises, but they aren’t my personal thing. I’m sure fans of the two series will be happy, but it’s not much in the way of diversifying the audience like they’ve been trying to (and have had some successes).

At least there’s the prospect of a new Batman, Bioshock, and Elder Scrolls, with the prospect of a 300+ hour quest. But I’ve also known about these three titles for months, and at their hearts, they are still sequels.

Bing, I could care less about, much like I did for ESPN.

Overall, I’d have to say I’m disappointed. I’ve seen what Kinect can do when modders and programmers play with the tech, and I’m not seeing any of that innovation on “official” display. When Kinect works, it genuinely does quite well. I’m just surprised that we don’t seem to be finding that as much given the heavy push that permeated the conference.

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