Next week is the Christmas of the Gaming Industry: E3. As someone who used to attend these things on a regular basis, it still pains me not to attend these things (must mend this for next year).

That said, I’ll be curious to see what is unveiled for the show.

Xbox 360 for me is mostly looking forward to the Batman, Elder Scrolls and Bioshock sequels, as well as learning more about Sonic Generations, and hopefully something big that will be brought to the table with Kinect. They are promising “big things”, and I hope so. There is still a lot of potential in the device that hasn’t even been remotely tapped into.

Sony, I hope they get their hacker issues resolved, because they are still a mess. It took me a while to find the right link to change the password on my PSP as their site is still covered in broken links and warning messages. It took me speaking to a customer service rep to find out what possible links to try, with no guarantee that it would even be “live” to fix. I think this overall bad karma is going to damage some of the hype for Sony’s products, the potential official announcement for NGP, and I’m not sure if this will be the PSP’s last hurrah this year.

Nintendo was the critical darling last year in my opinion, and with the 3DS and “Project Cafe”, they could go for two in a row. The Wii’s future is going to depend largely on what comes out, and what might be announced. With a new Zelda, and the potential of three JRPGs coming out (though I think we’ll be lucky if we get even one, hopefully two, but more than likely not three), the Wii has one last year to sustain itself, and I hope that it doesn’t go out with a “thud”. Third-party support is looking pretty grim as it is.

3DS…. The three month drought of nothing is almost over. I still think it’s utter crappy nonsense that they pretty clearly delayed the eShop’s debut for the show to make it seem like some “amazing new and revolutionary feature”, instead of an out of the box experience like it should have been. Still, the software line-up looks strong both from Nintendo and third-party, so I hope the ball gets rolling soon. But where is Kid Icarus: Uprising? No, seriously. The game has completely disappeared off the radar from launch game to completely and utterly silent up to this point. I bought the 3DS to play a new Kid Icarus. Actually, I’ve waited 20 years to play a new Kid Icarus. I’m not going to be pleased if they’ve delayed this to next year.

Project Cafe? Likely tech videos, and a release next year, so it’s up to 3DS and a Wii at the end of its life cycle to carry Nintendo through. Still, in terms of big surprise announcements, I think Nintendo will have the best potential of the big three systems.

I’m hoping we’ll get some surprises from everyone. I don’t want a year of little else but sequels and shooters. Sequels are so commonplace these days that there doesn’t seem to be as much of a thrill when a new one is announced. My list of wants is simple: I just want to be amazed by something at the show.

What are you looking forward to?

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