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Retro Game Challenge.

Did any of you play Retro Game Challenge?

The incredibly fun, loving homage to the good old days of not only 8-bit gaming, but all the experiences that went with it? The DS title that was so good, yet so obscure, that we’ll likely never get a chance to see the homage to 16-bit gaming because people didn’t buy enough copies?

Yeah, about that. I’d like to have a word with you regarding that….

But! Did you know that the “Master” in the game, Shinya Arino, is a real person, and a Japanese gaming celebrity?

You need to watch this.

At an hour long, Retro Game Master showcases Arino attempting to play through the NES classic Ninja Gaiden for his very first time. While I’m not a Reality TV fan by any means, what started as just a few minute preview led to me watching the whole hour going insane as I felt for the guy’s trials and tribulations, his frustration, his despair, and then an honest cheer as he soldiers through to the end.

The thing is, I’ve been there. Ninja Gaiden has continued to beat me, but I’ve played through enough classic games to be where he is a hundred Read the rest of this entry

Preview: Sonic Generations.

And so, a single, 2D level of Sonic Generations came out on the 360 today, with cute, chubby Sonic, instead of the leaner more “extreme” Sonic (I seem to be using the word “extreme” a lot in my posts of late. If I speak of parachute pants and M.C. Hammer, be sure to shake me back into reality, will you?).

As the game loaded after the cheerful and familiar opening theme of the first Sonic game, I found myself repeating “Please don’t suck”, as I braced myself for whatever may happen. I’ve walked this path too many times before, and each time Sega promises “It’s going to get better” is usually met with varying degrees of success.

Well, I’ll be…. It didn’t suck.

Sonic Generations
features a much tighter feel of play control in that one Green Hill Zone. Sonic hopped and bopped through the stage, and I never once got angry when I missed a jump or lost rings, as I felt that was more my error. I’m not used to playing a game that feels like the Genesis games, and had prepared for floaty controls.

There are some 2.5D effects, but it’s very much a 2D platformer at Read the rest of this entry

White Knuckle Scorin’.

Remember when everything game related in the 1980’s and 1990’s was “extreme”, “rad”, and every over the top adjective that could describe anything? Remember when Nintendo really didn’t have as high standards on what they stuck Mario and company on? I actually do, and while I didn’t have this album, White Knuckle Scorin’ makes me feel only slightly more embarrassed as I would have been back in 1991.

This article
will make you feel somewhat awkward, weird, and a little dirty for looking at it. Not as much as some of those Worlds of Power books that used to be out back in the day, but pretty close.


Pretty darn close….

Ocarina of Time: First Impressions.

It’s been a while since I’ve had an opportunity to purchase a retail game for the 3DS (since the system’s launch, to be exact). But I’ve been waiting for The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time 3D.

Since its release in 1998, this particular “Adventure of Link” has been considered not only one of the best Zelda games of all time, but one of the best games of all time. Ever. Of course, there have been the questions of buying a 13 year old remake of game as a retail product, and not having it available as a download. Or does it carry the same weight as it once did. Do the graphics really make that much of a difference?

One of the main comments that I always made about the Nintendo 64 original is how much Hyrule feels like it is a set world, with actual depth, and height. The layout makes sense. If you were to somehow reconstruct the whole game as a scale model, it would be possible, without nonsensical areas that don’t fit. The effect now has changed. It feels different, and I’ll explain how.

Imagine that world with depth and Read the rest of this entry

How Times Have Changed.

Well, if you’ve heard the news, and couldn’t believe that the day would ever come, Duke Nukem Forever has been released.

It seems like such an act would signal the end of the world, like this would be the catalyst for the infamous “Rapture” that was supposed (meant in a tongue in cheek way) to happen. And it’s crazy to think that this game (or who knows how many variants of this title) was in development since 1996. That was my first E3. I think I may actually remember some mention of the game from that show. But it’s been that long.

I wasn’t a huge Duke fan back then. I was more of a Doom player, but the game had its own certain type of charm, parodying all of those action films of the 1980’s and 1990’s. It was entertaining, in a cheesy sort of way. Doom had its grim, silent protagonist. Duke Nukem 3D had this uber-macho, one-liner spouting semi-lovable jerk.

I haven’t played the new Duke, but the reviews have been most… unkind for it. I’m not sure what to think about that. Certainly, Duke is not the first Read the rest of this entry

The "Nintendo Moment".

I’ve been a little critical of Nintendo of late, though I’ve been playing my 3DS often this past week. How could I not? The week has been pretty exciting.

But for a gamer, Nintendo is always one of those things that generates some sort of feeling. I’ve been a long-time fan of the company, from Donkey Kong and Game & Watch up to the 3DS. My grumbles with the company are meant more as that friend you have that is viewed as having a ton of potential, and you want to make sure that they meet up to it sort of thing.

I’ve been feeling it more lately. The 3DS, despite its rocky start, is the sort of experience that I want from Nintendo. With the tons of games built within the system, the care and bells and whistles packed into nearly every app, the now launched eShop with classic games (FUN FACT: You can turn the Game Boy screen to its original spinach green color, or set it to it’s native resolution complete with Game Boy border with a few simple button codes), the 3D movie and game trailers, AR Cards, Spot and StreetPass. the Read the rest of this entry

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