That’s up to Nintendo of America, honestly.

Hard to believe for the newer folks, but Nintendo used to be THE place for top-notch RPGs. Well, back in the NES and Super Nintendo days. When Nintendo refused to go to CD with the Nintendo 64, they lost one of their biggest third-parties (Squaresoft), along with pretty much everyone else who made that type of game. From then on out, RPGs on a Nintendo console (but not portable), have been scarce.

The Wii in particular has been a wasteland for RPGs. Oh sure, there’s the Virtual Console, where you can mine a ton of classic 8 and 16-bit RPGs to your hearts content, and there’s that promise of Dragon Warrior X (but I’ll believe it when I see it), but in terms of retail, it hasn’t happened.

Then in 2010, a strange thing happened. More traditional games started flooding the Wii. Whether the early signs of “The End” for the Wii, or a last-ditch attempt to bring in the more dedicated gamer, a lot of great stuff came out.

Among the announcements were these three titles:

Last Story


Pandora’s Tower

Readers may remember earlier lamentations over what happened to the JRPGs of old. Something like this would definitely scratch that itch. But we in North America have yet to hear word one on if any of these titles would even be considered for release over here, and it’s a reason for concern.

Nintendo of Japan has released a ton of games, both retail and on their digital services, that have never seen the light of day over here. It makes me wonder if the same will happen with these titles, and Nintendo of America will fail to recognize the want for titles like these. All of this could be revealed and resolved come E3, but the track record this generation has not been optimistic, in my opinion. Honestly (and in a bit of sacrilege), these titles actually have me more interested than the new Legend of Zelda title.

There’s also talk of the celebration of the 25th anniversary of the Dragon Quest (or Dragon Warrior, depending on your region and era). Basically, it would be a compilation title of some of the earliest games in the series (and still not on the Virtual Console here), but I’d be willing to check it out as long as it’s not presented in the straight-up ROM dump that was done for the 25th anniversary of Super Mario Bros. – Treat a legend like a legend. Not an afterthought.

So either this will be the greatest year for an RPG player on the Wii (and even a Nintendo console in years), or there are going to be some real disappointed faces like myself when 2011 comes and goes.

What are your thoughts? Do any of these games hold your interest in Nintendo finally releasing some new Adventure/RPG based IPs?

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