I’m going to present a different sort of review for this particular entry.

As I mentioned about two months ago, DuckTales the comic was coming this month, and was penned by Epic Mickey‘s resident Disney fan, Warren Spector. While this is seemingly a bit of a “breaking format” for my usual type of entries, any kid with a NES back in the 1990’s would tell you otherwise.

The Disney Afternoon was a 2 hour block of animated shows featuring new or reimagined Disney characters going on series of action adventures from Chip ‘N’ Dale Rescue Rangers, TaleSpin, Darkwing Duck, and of course, old Scrooge’s adventures. With each show came out a usually excellent game from Capcom within a year, so not only could you watch the shows, you could play them.

I actually did read the first story arc of the updated Rescue Rangers, and they make a very direct reference to its gamesake in the second issue (which made me smile, as I loved that game), but to prevent myself from going too far off my intended subject matter, let’s get back to the ducks.

Each comic reboot stays within the continuity of the show, but the comic plays heavily from both the show and the comics (again, Spector is a huge Disney fan). While fans of the show will definitely get into it, it does help to read some of those Carl Barks/Don Rosa stories, because there are references a plenty.

I have read in some reviews that perhaps Scrooge was too much of a jerk for his own good in this comic. Actually, he’s more true to form. The show toned down Scrooge’s greedy, sometimes mercenary character (which I’ve also written about), and made him more of a “family man”. Here, he is a blend of the two versions, and having seen both sides, it made me appreciate the comic more.

There’s plenty of humor and an impending new adventure to be told in upcoming issues. Like Rescue Rangers, this comic is updated with a slightly more serious tone, but still retains the characters’ personalities well. If anything, this furthers my want for Spector to make that DuckTales game he’s been trying to talk up in interviews. If Disney has any sense after the sheer joy of Epic Mickey, they’ll let him.

The first issue takes its time to lay down the groundwork, and reestablish the gang. I’m sure the adventure will start to really pick up in the following issues.

In any case, the comic came out this week. If you’re still on the fence as to whether or not it’s worth your time, here’s a preview of the first few pages.

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