Oh sure, the whole “3D thing” about the 3DS is pretty cool. No glasses, it actually works… you know, vital aspects of a quite impressive visual gimmick.

But that’s not why I like 3D.

The reason I like 3D? This little dog right here:

Meet Junie. My 5 year old cairn terrier. She’s one of my household’s beloved pets, and generally a lot of fun….

Except when I play video games.

It all started with Fable II, or more appropriately, the dog of Fable II. Cairn terriers are small “varmint” hunters, and being a terrier, once they fixate on something, they don’t let up. Ever. So when the game’s titular dog leaps and prances about the screen, off my dog goes.

It’s not just Fable, it’s any game with an animal or creature in it. She fixates on and barks at any number of bouncing enemies across a wide variety of consoles and portables, thus distracting me from any sense of immersion that I hope to get out of a game. Imps in Oblivion? “Grrrr, barr rarr rarr!” Avatar pets in the shop or on my friend’s list? “”Whine, howl, whine, howl, whine, howl” while leaping at the screen, desperately trying to capture the dragon, or beast, or tiger, or whatever. It’s not even just HD games. She’ll leap at old Atari games as well if the sprite is compelling enough.

And this guy?

I would probably need a poet to compose the appropriate sonnet about how much she wants this character dead. It would then be sung by bards as they make their way down from the mountaintop to share these tales with all the neighboring villages. Seriously, she hates Slimer.

This may be the reason why I refuse to play pet games, but I had a lapse in judgement when I bought the 3DS version of Nintendogs.

I realized the error of my ways upon that first digitized bark. And when I saw the ears perk up, that old, familiar sense of dread returned. I cursed silently to myself, expecting her to stick her face all up in my screen, stalking me all over the house to rid the world of this new intruder.

And then I realized, after watching her quizzical face, that she can’t see in 3D.

After a few moments of hearing the Nintendog, but not being able to see it, Junie sauntered away, rejected and thwarted.

So I don’t really love 3D due to any technical wizardry on its part. I love 3D due to the fact that my dog will actually leave me alone while playing. I get to play a portable system in peace.

Thank you, Nintendo, for the greatest gift of all.

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