Considering the system is still new, I figure it’s not too much of an “overkill” at this point to keep discussing it.

I got my first StreetPass add the other day from a colleague at work. A funny little intro, but I still can’t figure out how to implement them into the Find Mii or puzzle games. I was expecting this new friend to plow through and single-handedly collect hats for me, but alas, no such luck.

The Toys R Us sale cheaply landed me a few good titles, enough to placate me until the Summer.

Super Street Fighter IV is excellent. Easily the best of the lot, and on par with the HD console versions. It’s nice to see a Nintendo system get a proper Street Fighter again since the SNES days. I’m surprised Nintendo didn’t fight harder to keep this franchise on their systems. But it’s back and works quite well.

Lego Star Wars III is more of the same, but “If it’s not broken”. Some nice 3D effects that are subtle and non-obtrusive, and it’s a fun and lengthy enough adventure. Really nice graphics and comfortable play control.

Nintendogs is again more of the same, but nicely done. I like the Mii integration, and the dog care seems a little more flexible and responsive to commands. Some nice gadgets and showcase features. It’s been a few years since I played, so it seems somewhat novel to me again. It’s still very cute, but up to you if you want to go another round with virtual puppies. I have two real dogs that take up a lot of my time these days, and one goes nuts over the digital barking, so my sanity is on the line with each session.

Pilotwings Resort is another showcase title with effective 3D and a casual if challenging approach to the missions. I prefer the free explore mode myself, and while the Wuhu Island is from Wii Sports Resort, I didn’t play that game, so this is all fresh to me. I’m actually relieved. People have complained that the characters from the first games have been replaced by Miis, but frankly, I felt the Miis in Wii titles were sorely underused. The fact that two titles straight out the gate are actively using them actually makes them… viable. I wouldn’t mind seeing the island revisited for a Waverace 3D. That’s all I could really think about, honestly.

I thought more about the upcoming Virtual Console, and realized that the 1994 version ofDonkey Kong and Kid Icarus II: Of Myths and Monsters would be likely candidates for release… if Nintendo can pull itself together for a decent release schedule this time out, and not drag these games out for one game every two months or so.

Being a more traditional game system (especially since veryone is over the newness of touchscreens and motion control these days), the possibility of a new F-Zero or Waverace is appealing. I personally think a portable Super Smash Bros. or a new side-scrolling Metroid is long overdue, and I wouldn’t even mind seeing new versions of Punch-Out!! or Donkey Kong Country since Nintendo decided to pull those series out of storage. Move forward with them. Don’t set them aside for another decade-plus. Perhaps that third Pikmin will come to the 3DS instead. It may as well at this point.

Other than Kid Icarus, Zelda, and Starfox, things seem pretty quiet for my interests, though they keep saying a new Pinball Hall of Fame is coming out, in which case, I will be all over that.

The “?” AR Card was a surprisingly deeper gameplay experience than I imagined it would be, and is one of my favorite “games” on the system. I was crazy for Ocarina of Time‘s fishing, and the mini-game of it here is even more addicting.

At any rate, I may leave the rest of this discussion open for comment feedback. I have another early day tomorrow, and you know how that goes….

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