As I was perusing the ol’ dashboard today, I saw something for “Xbox Labs”.

I’m a sucker for “Free”, so I downloaded it.


I’m not sure what it does, honestly, outside of some sort of testing thing that is clearly and apparently internal. At any rate, if you tough it out for 30 minutes, then an hour, then six(!) hours, you get rewarded with exclusive Avatar gear.

I’m near the end of the 30 minute one, so I may actually just hand out for the 2 minutes left to report what the “amazing” item actually is.

In other news, YouTube yanked the new Tron 3 video, so I hope you saw it. I’m personally not liking YouTube forcing you to link with a Google account in order for you to use your account anymore. I find that total garbage.

So… I unlocked the 1st round, got some undefined Avatar award and 0 Gamerscore. At least the 30 minutes invested so far goes into half the time for the second tier.

I may not hang around for that one, however.

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