An old friend (and fellow industry veteran) of mine is hosting a game design competition for you good folk who have always wanted to try your hand and creating a game, but never had the resources to do so. If you don’t have the tech, but do have the imagination and writing resources, this could be a worthwhile look to see if you could add the next big game.

“GAMEscribe, LLC was formed to give all creative people who have game ideas a means to get those ideas vetted by industry professionals regardless if they have the programming and artistic means to do so. Meaning, we review game design documents as opposed to requiring you to submit a demo like 99% of all other competitions currently out there.

We feel that there is so much untapped talent out there waiting to be discovered which is why we are putting these competitions together. There will be rewards for the best of the best (exact details of which we are not ready to reveal). Entries will be judged on a number of levels, not just the overall concept but also factoring in stuff like marketability, ability to relay concepts across and feasibility (is it even possible with current tech, industry standard budget, etc).

While we get everything together for our official launch we’ve started setting up on social networking sites to start our grassroots campaign.”

To learn more about the details, click here.

Or just keep checking back at their site here for more details in the future.

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