For those of you that played Epic Mickey (and shame on you for those that didn’t, as it truly was one of the best Wii games of 2010), you may have caught wind that designer Warren Spector is a big Disney fan. Actually, make that a HUGE Disney fan. Those who actually played through Mickey Mouse’s last romp and a know a little something about Disney history is general, know that this love was well verified within each and every level of the game. I could gush endlessly about the brilliance of Epic Mickey, but I’d be getting off subject.

Long before Mickey stepped onto retail shelves, however, Warren kept going on and on about how he’d love Disney to give him the reins to make a DuckTales game. Again, I salivated, considering how much I loved the old NES Capcom classic, the Scrooge McDuck comics (which I can highly recommend), and well, Spector proved that he’s no fluke, and he would likely bring as much to the table as Don Rosa and Carl Barks.

Well, Spector got his wish. Sort of:

Coming this May, he’s penning a new DuckTales comic. Honestly, I don’t know what this means. Does it mean that writing the comic is sort of a “consolation prize”, as a new game will never be made, and Disney is going back to *shudder* Disney Channel star based games? Or is this comic his “proving grounds” to show that yes, he could make an amazing game based off the exploits of Uncle Scrooge?

Either way, considering the story he created for Oswald the Lucky Rabbit and Mickey a few months back, I’ve already added this one to my subscription box.

I’m so hoping that this leads to a new game….

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