I’m impressed with all of the hidden stuff inside the 3Ds. Seriously, there is a crazy amount of hidden stuff within the system. And now I find that there’s more?

I’m a little stunned that Nintendo went as all out on the 3DS as they did. Maybe that was part of Nintendo’s plan: A quiet launch for software so that you can find all the hidden games within the system.

At this point, the Augmented Reality (AR) cards and the virtual currency for walking are among two of my favorite features for the system. I’m really hoping that Nintendo doesn’t up and drop these features shortly after launch, because there is some incredible potential with just these features alone.

I have a feeling that once the 3DS’ Virtual Console launches, all other Nintendo download content is pretty much going to grind to a trickle, as evidenced by how things went when WiiWare launched, then DSiWare, and last Monday’s non-existent line-up. I don’t know why Nintendo can’t support multiple features at once. And the AR stuff is just too cool to abandon. Especially now.

I guess we’ll see what the future holds six months from now, but I’m still very impressed with what I’m seeing.

That said, a few questions:

How does one add registered friend’s Miis?

Will we be able to buy digital games from the old DSiWare library? There are a few that I wanted to pick up, if they become available.

Do any games besides Nintendogs + Cats currently come with AR cards?

Anyone play the Find Mii RPG? Do you actually get to earn hats for your Mii like it claims?

How is the 3D treating your eyes? (I’m nearsighted with glasses, and I’m actually used to it with no problems).

What are the “Best Of” games from the launch titles, in your opinion?

Ah, what the heck, because I’m nice for you Super Street Fighter IV players:

Platinum Level 7 Ryu: DPrkMnybCd
Gold Level 7 Chun Li: zAAkcHVbHk

You find any, you let me know.

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