I’ve been contemplating this for a while now.

I’ve sold games before. Sometime for money, other times for store credit to put on yet more games. I’m viewing my expansive collection now, and wondering: Should I do it again?

Not for money or credit this time, but more to really just weed out the “classics” versus games that I’ve just amassed, but never really use anymore. Part of me likes the big collection, the chunk of gaming history that I’ve amassed, and there’s a certain sense of pride associated with it, but there are times that I wonder if my collection’s simply getting too big at this stage, and are the “merely okay” titles diluting the overall impact of the collection. Do I go for quality or quantity now at this point? What’s more impressive to you?

I could see myself keeping classic gaming anthologies, as I feel that they are “collected works” of this hobby’s history. Same for the games that I’d factor into my “Desert Island” scenario. You know, the one that if I had an incredibly long extension cord and access to TV I would take with me. I’m just wondering if I should just thin out the pile a little bit, or just send old titles to the archives for later.

So let me know: What do you usually do, and what are your thoughts on my whole “Quality Vs. Quantity” conundrum.

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