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More Hidden 3DS System Items.

I’m impressed with all of the hidden stuff inside the 3Ds. Seriously, there is a crazy amount of hidden stuff within the system. And now I find that there’s more?

I’m a little stunned that Nintendo went as all out on the 3DS as they did. Maybe that was part of Nintendo’s plan: A quiet launch for software so that you can find all the hidden games within the system.

At this point, the Augmented Reality (AR) cards and the virtual currency for walking are among two of my favorite features for the system. I’m really hoping that Nintendo doesn’t up and drop these features shortly after launch, because there is some incredible potential with just these features alone.

I have a feeling that once the 3DS’ Virtual Console launches, all other Nintendo download content is pretty much going to grind to a trickle, as evidenced by how things went when WiiWare launched, then DSiWare, and last Monday’s non-existent line-up. I don’t know why Nintendo can’t support multiple features at once. And the AR stuff is just too cool to abandon. Especially now.

I guess we’ll see what the future holds six months from now, Read the rest of this entry

Warren Spector Does DuckTales.

For those of you that played Epic Mickey (and shame on you for those that didn’t, as it truly was one of the best Wii games of 2010), you may have caught wind that designer Warren Spector is a big Disney fan. Actually, make that a HUGE Disney fan. Those who actually played through Mickey Mouse’s last romp and a know a little something about Disney history is general, know that this love was well verified within each and every level of the game. I could gush endlessly about the brilliance of Epic Mickey, but I’d be getting off subject.

Long before Mickey stepped onto retail shelves, however, Warren kept going on and on about how he’d love Disney to give him the reins to make a DuckTales game. Again, I salivated, considering how much I loved the old NES Capcom classic, the Scrooge McDuck comics (which I can highly recommend), and well, Spector proved that he’s no fluke, and he would likely bring as much to the table as Don Rosa and Carl Barks.

Well, Spector got his wish. Sort of:

Coming this May, he’s penning a new DuckTales comic. Honestly, I don’t know what this means. Read the rest of this entry

Who Wants To Design A Game?

An old friend (and fellow industry veteran) of mine is hosting a game design competition for you good folk who have always wanted to try your hand and creating a game, but never had the resources to do so. If you don’t have the tech, but do have the imagination and writing resources, this could be a worthwhile look to see if you could add the next big game.

“GAMEscribe, LLC was formed to give all creative people who have game ideas a means to get those ideas vetted by industry professionals regardless if they have the programming and artistic means to do so. Meaning, we review game design documents as opposed to requiring you to submit a demo like 99% of all other competitions currently out there.

We feel that there is so much untapped talent out there waiting to be discovered which is why we are putting these competitions together. There will be rewards for the best of the best (exact details of which we are not ready to reveal). Entries will be judged on a number of levels, not just the overall concept but also factoring in stuff like marketability, ability to relay concepts across and Read the rest of this entry

Atari Vs. Intellivsion: Round 2.

It’s crazy (for me, anyway) to think that “The Great Atari Vs. Intellivision War” was over 30 years ago. 30 years. Some of you folk weren’t even born yet, and video games were out and about, fighting for living room dominance. You’ve probably seen or heard of some of these games. They look like cave paintings in comparison to today’s games, or a basic Lego set.

And yet, they are still fighting it out.

There have been two volumes of Atari Greatest Hits and one Intellivision Lives! – The latter had lived in “Development Hell” for the longest time, yet saw the light of day last Fall. These games were all recently released on the Nintendo DS for about $20 a title. Atari games are easy to port (usually, depending on who is developing it). Intellivision games usually come across as a nightmare, save for the excellent PC/Mac versions of the Intellivision Lives!/Intellivision Rocks! compilations. I’ll get to that in a moment, but if you like “The Old Days”, or wanted to see what the fuss was about, these three titles are really good examples.

The Atari Greatest Hits collections combined offer a huge amount of titles, Read the rest of this entry

3DS Impressions – Day 1.

I have a lot of different posts in the backlog, but today, being what it is, I figured this was the most important one. For those of you in a hurry, and need me to cut straight to the point on my impressions, here it is:


For those with a bit of time, let’s get into it more.

I didn’t have to fight for the 3DS like I did the Wii. No mad rush or camping out all night like I did for the Wii, with people howling like Tusken Raiders and throwing objects in wanton madness (I asked the sales clerk at Gamestop if I could do this, and he granted me free reign to toss a coupon. It lacked… satisfaction). But here I am, no battle scars, and a new DS. A 3DS.

To be honest, I’ve always been fond of my DS Lite. I refused to buy the DSi, as it was merely a camera and downloadable game upgrade (not one piece of software came out that ever made specifically for DSi system, and that always bugged me). The DS always suited me fine. It’s been an old friend for years. Read the rest of this entry

Five Game Commercials That Time Forgot.

Yahoo! posted this article yesterday, so I thought I’d share it, as video game commercials for the 1980’s were not the sleek, savvy ads they are now, either darkly dark with all their darkness, or so sterile that you feel like you’re in a hospital ward.

No, video game commercials back then were just flat out weird.

Five Video Game Commercials That Time (Sadly) Forgot.

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