Has it really been that long?

I remember getting my NES on my birthday in 1987. Zelda was still a “new” thing here in the States fully introduced by a color article in the Nintendo Fun Club magazine, and a few weeks after my getting my system, I was introduced to this:

I was mesmerized my this theme. It was haunting and beautiful, and I would sometimes listen to it as background music.

When I wasn’t doing that, I was obsessing over the wonderful illustrations in the instruction manual, presenting Link like this:

I prayed for some cartoon or movie to come out looking this good (I have better Zelda pics on older posts). There WAS a cartoon series, but it was nothing like this, featuring an immature Link who commonly cried out “Excuuuuuuuuuuuuse ME, Princess”, whenever he hacked off a rather snippy Zelda (which was often).

For all the “oohing” and “aahing” I did on the surface materials, I did even more in the actual game. This full, wonderful world housed in a golden cartridge that lasted hours, progress was saved, and every play session promised new adventures.

I’ve loved the series over the years, but my next big “love” for the series was Ocarina of Time for the Nintendo 64. A larger world filled with depth and width, accompanied by a thrilling story, and an even more exciting boss battle (on par with Super Metroid for me). As I said, I’ve enjoyed all the games, but the two mentioned titles were the ones that won me over.

This year, the Wii gets the new Skyward Sword, and the 3DS gets an updated remake of Ocarina. Honestly, I want Nintendo to have some sort of anniversary celebration and accompanying game anthology title to commemorate the event, but there’s also the cynic in me would rather Nintendo just pass if they plan to just cheap out and do what they did for Mario’s “celebration” (A SNES game on a CD, a barebones art book, and a soundtrack that doesn’t even begin to cover the series). Mario deserved better. Link definitely deserves better.

But with the Zelda series, it harkens back to my childhood, that thrilling sense of adventure, epic battles, wonderful music, and memorable characters. Even if there is no anthology game or art book, a re-release of one of my most cherished games in the series, as well as a new adventure, definitely counts for something.

EDIT: Actually, Link’s birthday, is February 21, 1986. Leave it to the internet to start the celebration early.

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