Before anyone views this, I must be a responsible blogger and forewarn that this is a fairly gory trailer, so young visitors shouldn’t click on this one. I’m sure that’s somehow code for “Click on me anyway”, but it’s meant in the literal context, so don’t say that I didn’t do my part.

That said, Dead Island looks compelling. A first-person, multi-player survival RPG, minus the crazier weapons of Left 4 Dead, Dead Rising, and Resident Evil. There’s even a leveling system for the character, but due to the “realistic” factor the game is trying to achieve, what does proficiency truly mean against hordes of the undead?

The trailer is interesting. A video played backwards that while no gameplay is shown, it does manage to do something most zombie games don’t: Generate a sense of empathy. You can’t help but feel a little sorry for the victims here, instead of casting them off as victim fodder. It’s well done, and if they are truly attempting a new take on the zombie gaming genre, then I’ll be watching this one.

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